Posted on: Mar 10, 2012
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Viggen Fighter Jet-Inspired Saab Concept

Industrial designer shares his vision of how Saab could be taken forward if the company is successfully resurrected.
We may not have seen the last of Saab as companies, including BMW according to recent rumors, are readying to buy out the troubled Swedish automaker. And if things go well, we could soon be seeing concepts such as this fighter jet inspired creation gracing motor shows in the near future. Brainchild of industrial designer Feliciano Ruy-Diaz, inspiration for the minimalist concept came from Saab's rich heritage in producing and advancing the technology of jet fighters that are still in use today.
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The coupe concept is inspired specifically by the Viggen fighter, aping its lines, glass cockpit canopy and overall sharp and clean design.

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by Adam Lynton
Viggen Fighter Jet-Inspired Saab Concept
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