Posted on: Mar 18, 2012
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The Worst Nissan GT-R Paintjob Ever aka Godzilla Wears Makeup

This Nissan GT-R goes from 0-hideous in 3.5 seconds.
Last night while destroying a bag of Mike and Ike Zours, I thought to myself "man, that's delicious." Then I came into work and saw a car which replicates the bag perfectly, just out on the street. And it wasn't so delicious. The neon green front-end, sky blue mid-section and pink rear just doesn't work on a Nissan GT-R. Godzilla, spotted in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, almost looks like a 6-year old girl took her mother's makeup bag out for the first time and just went crazy painting her face.
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The difference is that a grown man did this on his own accord and thought it was a good idea. Have a look for yourself.

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