Posted on: Apr 19, 2012
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Working Prototype of Bertone Nuccio Concept Coming to Beijing

Previously it was a plaster and resin model, now it’s been transformed into a working prototype with slight design amendments.
Unlike the model that appeared at the Geneva Motor Show, the Bertonne Nuccio concept heading to Beijing will be a fully functional prototype and not one made of full-size resin and plaster. In the released image, conventional headlights units have been integrated into the front and the windshield has been shortened considerably. The LED light bar that once wrapped around to the fenders now runs just the length of the latticed bumper, while the svelte side mirrors have been beefed up.
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The distinctive roof remains, while under the hood lies a Ferrari-sourced 4.3-liter V8 engine rated at 480hp mated to an automatic transmission. Bertone Design Director Michael Robinson designed the Nuccio concept to mark the company's centenary, naming it after the Italian style master Nuccio Bertone. It is an "extreme" sports car, evolving the design of the mid-rear engine RWD berlineta of the seventies. No prices or specifications have been released, but the one-off prototype will be sold on the collectors' market.

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by Adam Lynton
Working Prototype of Bertone Nuccio Concept Coming to Beijing
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