Posted on: Apr 28, 2012
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BMW M3 E46 by G-Power

The BMW tuning specialist has just revealed a performance package for the third-gen M3.
German tuning outfit G-Power has just revealed a new aftermarket package for the 'old M3,' adding a large ASTA T1-518 centrifugal supercharger that boosts output from 343hp and 269lb-ft to 450hp and 339lb-ft of torque. The result of having an additional 107hp is performance figures of 0-124mph in 14.7 seconds (down from 18.1) and a top speed in excess of 186mph. The tuning package includes 20-inch 'Silverstone Diamond' alloys and a coil-over suspension.
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The M3 also gets G-POWER braking system with 370mm brake discs up front and 342mm at the rear, and a stainless-steel sport muffler with 'DEEPTONE' technology that produces an throaty engine note.

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by Adam Lynton
BMW M3 E46 by G-Power
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