Posted on: Jun 01, 2012
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MINI Destroys Tightest Parallel Parking Record in China

"Like a glove."
New MINI special editions dubbed the 'Chinese Job' were unveiled last week in Beijing, and during the event the Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel park was annihalated.

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This is one of Guinness' most popular records, with the record changing hands five times in the last couple of years. In fact it was only last month when Patrik Folco slid into a gap measuing just 22cm longer than the car he was driving. At the time it was claimed the record would never be broken, but just a few weeks later it has been well and truly smashed by Chinese master wheelman Han Yue. An incredible 7cm was shaved from the record, drifting a MINI between two other MINIs with only 15cm of space to spare. Impressive, but good luck getting out of that tight spot.

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by Adam Lynton
MINI Destroys Tightest Parallel Parking Record in China
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