Posted on: Jun 16, 2012
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Audi RS6 Avant Given Over 750hp by MTM

The wolf in sheep’s clothing has been given an injection of steroids.
German tuning outfit MTM have come up with a serious power upgrade for Audi's sporty station wagon, dubbing their latest project the MTM RS R 6 (the 'R' coming from 'Rosskur,' the German term for 'power increase'). After their modifications, the so-called family car now has 759hp and 673lb-ft of torque at the crank, and is capable of hitting a top speed of 216mph. An improved engine note comes courtesy of a stainless-steel exhaust system with race catalyst and twin adjustable pipes.
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Handling and braking has been improved thanks to new 20-inch ET29 rims and Audi homemade ceramic braking system. Exterior upgrades include an anodized matt blue metallic foil wrap, 5% tinting to the front and back lights a carbon front lip and a rear diffuser.

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by Adam Lynton
Audi RS6 Avant Given Over 750hp by MTM

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