Posted on: Jun 22, 2012
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The 900hp 16Vampir Volkswagen Golf Returns with a Vengeance

The fastest Golf ever runs the quarter-mile in 8.896 seconds at a speed of 165.44mph.
The 16Vampir Golf MK2 is the ultimate street-sleeper. The all-wheel-drive Golf packs a 1.8-liter 16V Turbocharged 4Motion Garret GTX 4202R turbocharged engine rated at 900hp on E85 fuel. Check it out below.

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Built by Boba Motoring, the powerful engine is mated to an 02M Sequential Shifter 4 Speed SQS Dog Kit. Claimed to be the fastest VW Golf in the World, it can sprint from 0-62mph in 2.18 seconds, to 124mph in 5.53 seconds and to 168mph in 9.07 seconds. All this speed comes from combining the ridiculously powerful engine to a light weight of 2,502lbs. This video shows the impressive sleeper running the quarter-mile in a blistering time of 8.896 seconds at a speed of 165.44mph.



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