Posted on: Jun 04, 2012
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A Detailed Look at the History of AMG

A fascinating insight into the history and origins of Mercedes’ high-performance sub-brand.
To commemorate the occasion of turning 45 this year, AMG has put together this video that takes a look back at its history and origins.

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This is a very detailed video that starts back in 1967 when the founders got together to exclusively tune Mercedes, something that at the time was considered unthinkable. Since its humble origins, AMG has gone on to be responsible for all of the marque's motorsport activities and successes, and has developed all of its high-end models. Today, the SLS AMG is considered the automaker's flagship model and is the culmination of almost half-a-century of engineering excellence.

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by Adam Lynton
A Detailed Look at the History of AMG

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