Posted on: Jul 19, 2012
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Binz Stretches Out the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon

19-foot-long coachbuilt Benz E-Class stretches our concept of what a station wagon can be.
We've seen all sorts of stretch jobs here at CarBuzz. Sedans are the usual suspects, but some companies have started turning sportscars and SUVs into limos, too. But this is new: a stretched station wagon. We first reported on Binz's plans to build a 19-foot long Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate back in January. Now the German limousine company has released a slew of new photos showing the super-long-wheelbase model in all of its extended goodness.

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Dubbed the Binz Xtend, the custom E-Class estate first appeared at 2010's Essen Motor Show, standing 31.7 inches longer than the standard E-Class wagon. At a total length of 224.4 inches long, the stretched wagon packs almost 19 feet of German luxury excellence - or about two feet longer than its big brother, the GL-Class SUV. The interior of the Binz Xtend features plenty of storage space and racing seats affixed with four-point harnesses... pretty funny when you consider that the stretched wagon has all the racing prowess of a big red barn.
A special X-Orange exterior paint is available for an extra charge, of course, while under the hood Binz will gladly base a customer's vehicle on any of a range of engines that Mercedes offers, straight up to the E63 AMG's 518 horsepower twin-turbocharged V8. The Binz Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate Xtend carries a price tag of €80,000, which, according to today's exchange rates, comes in at just under 100-large US.

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