Posted on: Jul 19, 2012
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Radical Launches SR1 Cup Spec-Racing Series

Radical's new entry-level track machine goes racing on the cheap.
Track days fun and all, but those looking for a bigger thrill enroll in spec racing series. Generally cheaper than more competitive championships, spec racing series pit fields of identical machinery against each other in challenging competitions for gentleman racers. Radical is one such automaker that organizes its own spec racing series around its LMP-style road racers, and with the release of the new, more cost-effective SR1, has launched one of the best values in racing we've seen yet.
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More cost-effective than the existing PR7, SR3 or SR8, the new SR1 packs a 1340cc Suzuki motorbike engine tuned in-house, pitting 185 horsepower against just 480 kg of weight for an unbeatable power-to-weight ratio. The newly announced SR1 Cup includes ownership of the car, an Alpinestars racing suit, licensing process, instructed training and eight races on some of the UK's finest circuits... all for just £37,500. In other words, you get a whole lot for relatively little. The process promises to turn amateurs into professional racing drivers at an unbeatable price.

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