Posted on: Jul 02, 2012
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Evo Dissects the Pagani Huayra

The £849,000 supercar is made up of literally thousands of handmade pieces, packed with exquisite touches and detailing. This video showcases some of the best of them.
Zonda owner and evo chief Harry Metcalfe was invited to look at the guts of the magnificent Huayra, and unlike other critiques this one is packed full of fascinating factoids about the supercar.

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In no particular order of appeal or importance, these include that the side-mirrors are styled on a woman's eye; carbon-fiber is used on a radiator that no-one will ever see; 4,700 parts go into the build of a Huayra, a significant increase on the 3,000 used in the Zonda; the fuel line is made from fire-proof Kevlar; and the best of all - that the engine intercoolers have a duct that feeds 80-degree hot air to the brake discs, which primes them to the perfect working temperature.


by Adam Lynton
Evo Dissects the Pagani Huayra
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