The Mystery Continues - Green Lexus LFA Spotted Around the Nurburgring

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Lexus is brewing up something special for their LFA supercar.
The Lexus LFA is close to finishing production, however that isn't stopping the Japanese manufacturer from producing one special final edition. Last week we saw photos of a mysterious, blue LFA running some hot laps around the Nurburgring with the letters "AD-A" on the sides. Thanks to the crew over at TouriClips, we now have a video of a second, equally as mysterious model cruising around the wet roads of Nurburg.
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The green LFA seen in the following clip has a Superleggera-ish stripe down the sides and is rocking the model name "AD-B." What do these names mean, you might ask? Well, the popular idiom is that "curiosity killed the Ca...rBuzz" (see what we did there?) however it most likely means something along the lines of "prototype 2." Several names have been rumored for this special edition LFA, such as the Final Edition, Last Edition, Tokyo Edition, etc. So we look forward to seeing what Toyota and Lexus have in store for us in the (hopefully) near future.
Until then, check out the live footage of the Lexus LFA cruising around the wet streets of Nurburg, Germany.

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