Posted on: Jul 20, 2012
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Mercedes DTM Driver and Longboard Chicks Chill in Mallorca

Mercedes sends DTM driver Susie Wolff in the C250 diesel coupe to meet up with some skater girls in Spain.
What's the best way to show off a luxury car? Why, take it to Spain with some skateboarders, of course. That's what Mercedes did with its new C-Class Coupe.

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The German automaker sent the Sport model along with DTM driver Susie Wolff to meet up with the Longboard Girls crew in Mallorca for a bit of fast-paced fun on the twisting mountain roads. The Longboard Girls Crew Madrid enjoy speed and the C-Class Coupe serves up both. Or at least it does in AMG trim. The model in the video, however, is the C250 diesel, with a twin-turbo inline-4 rated at 204 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. Not bad for a diesel, but hardly the touring car Wolff is used to racing.



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