Posted on: Jul 27, 2012
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ADV1 Rolls Out BMW M3 El Diablo

Sleek black wheels offset matte red finish on customized M3.
The current BMW M3 has become a tuning favorite of late, with custom jobs undertaken recently by Vorsteiner, Alpha-N and Studie AG, to name just a few. This latest project is dubbed El Diablo and has a menacing look with some slick, minimalist ADV1 wheels. The BMW M3 Coupe seen here features a matte red finish with black accents. Whether the color came from the factory as an M Performance Edition or was fitted independently, we don't know, but we do know that we're digging it.
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Most notably, the roof, taillights and surrounds of the front-end have all been colored in black to create a fantastic contrast. It rides on a set of ADV5.1 wheels, also finished in black. Don't think for even a second, though, that El Diablo here is all show and no go. Lest you forget, the M3 packs a high-revving 4.0-liter V8 with 414 horsepower that'll ram it up to sixty in four and a half seconds and leave lesser cars cowering in its wake.

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