XFR-S Super-Jag to Debut in November

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Jaguar takes aim at BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG with 542hp supercharged muscle sedan.
Around this time last year we brought you spy shots of a high-performance version of the XF sedan that Jaguar has been developing. Now reports from the UK indicate that the 542-horsepower XFR-S could be ready as early as November. With an eye on the 552hp BMW M5 and 549hp Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, the Jaguar XFR-S is expected to pick up where the (relatively) "underpowered" 503hp XFR leaves off by incorporating the supercharged V8 engine from the XKR-S super-coupe.
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Upgraded aero bits including bigger spoilers front and rear are also expected to come part of the package, along with larger rolling stock and (we would hope) enlarged brakes to help keep all that muscle in check. Sources anticipate the XFR-S to be unveiled at the Los Angeles Motor Show in November before the year is out.

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