Posted on: Aug 23, 2012
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Underground Racing's Massive Twin-Turbo R8 GT V10

The Audi supercar has 1,100 horsepower - at the wheels!
Underground Racing is known primarily for their unrivalled twin-turbo kits for Lamborghini Gallardos, however the Charlotte, North Carolina-based tuning company does much more than just give biturbo steroids to Raging Bulls. They have just released some shots of their latest work-in-progress, a very powerful Audi R8 GT. The R8 GT V10 Coupe at stock cranks out a very loud 560 horsepower from its 5.2-liter FSI V10 engine.

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Thanks to UR's full engine build and Stage 3 tuning, that number is more than doubled with 1,100 horsepower - at the wheels. The Audi R8 GT Coupe has been equipped with a Motec boost by gear, quick-shift, Billet race differential and Race Version heads. It rides on a set of blacked-out and rare carbon fiber HRE CF/43s.

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