Posted on: Aug 30, 2012
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Gumpert Files for Bankruptcy

German supercar manufacurer is financially insolvent, leading us to ask ourselves if we really want to live in a world without the Gumpert Apollo.
These are tough times for niche automakers in Germany, with the small-time producers of some of our favorite sportscars going bankrupt. Just last week we reported on Melkus going belly-up, and last month Artega went down the same road. As if that wasn't enough to make our eyes water, now Gumpert is following suit. Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH is a supercar-maker established in 2004 by former Audi executive Roland Gumpert. Its only product is the Apollo, a rather homely but extremely capable supercar.

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The twin-turbo 4.2-liter V8 that powers the Apollo and sourced from the founder's contacts at Audi is offered in three states of tune, all the way up to 800 metric horsepower, but even in the base 650hp trim it's quoted at a 3.1-second 0-62 time and a 224-mph top speed. Those are some impressive figures, but Gumpert may have to act even faster to avoid complete insolvency and keep plans for the new Carrozzeria Touring-designed Tornante moving ahead. It has already filed for bankruptcy in court, which has appointed a lawyer to supervise the process. Gumpert points to disappointing sales figures in China as the culprit for its financial woes.


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