Posted on: Aug 04, 2012
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Ken Block Goes Big at Rally Finland

Block vlogs about wanting to be a real rally driver.
There's little question that Ken Block has mastered the Gymkhana scene, but the stunt-driving legend has been keen to make it into the "big league" World Rally Championship, where it's all about speed and not about style.

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That's where, with a little help from his Ford team-mate, local hero and six-time WRC rally winner Jari-Matti Latvala, Block took his Ford Fiesta rally car for a romp in the woods. Check out the first two installments of Block's video log.

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And as a special treat for those readers who just can't get enough of Block's antics, here's a third video shot from his helmet while practicing on the Finnish rally stage. Engine note is unfettered and unadulterated, so dig right in!

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