Comments - McLaren to Give MP4-12C a Facelift

Published: Sep 10, 2012
Description: There's little question that the McLaren MP4-12C is an incredibly capable car. One of the best, in fact. But its styling leaves something to be desired. Not that there's anything particularl...
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supra_mkiv Sep 11, 2012
I think the car looks very well as is but maybe the change will be even better
Justin Routh Sep 11, 2012
It cant stay the same forever. Its not a redesign just a little update
Jin Lee Sep 10, 2012
Its just came out a year or two ago what more does it need other then the fight for control
Samuel Breglia Sep 10, 2012
Wow, I've never heard of this car being called bland.
Corey Mullis Sep 10, 2012
the car looks great jeez. it doesn't have to be outlandish, or italian beautiful. it looks clean and effective
Paul Dickey Sep 10, 2012
Nothing right about it? Are you serious?
Nick Schnee Sep 10, 2012
It doesn't even need a facelift, IMO. Still looks fresh 'n awesome.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Sep 26, 2012
Guess what, I like both the mp4 AND the 458! Oh no, what blaphsemy!
supra_mkiv Sep 11, 2012
Who cares she gettin a mclaren someday and me too haha. Live the dream
Lucas Costas Sep 11, 2012
Your college must not have taught you grammar. "I've actually gone to college" is what you're looking for. "I've actually went" makes no sense. You should really watch out before slinging condescension around.
Shelby Cassandra Sep 10, 2012
Yes, realistic. I've actually went to college.
Colby Church Sep 10, 2012
I like it and love Mclaren, but the MP4-12C could stand to look a little better. It doesn't look as intimidating as it needs to with all that power it has.
Josh Andrews Sep 10, 2012
Id prefer this over the 458 it looks amazing and i like to stick out when you see this car people around you are like wow whats that in a ferrari they know its a ferrari
Shelby Cassandra Sep 10, 2012
This is my realistic dream car. Loved Mclaren since I was young and the F1 came out. Such an engineering marvel.
Dillon Magee Sep 10, 2012
This car is fantastic, but I think I like the 458 better.
Jin Lee Sep 10, 2012
Id take this over the 458 in a heartbeat lol but thats cuz i hate ferraris lol but this cars does awesome track times
Hektor Yberg Sep 10, 2012
No every thing top gear says isn't true but top gear is still right
John Serely Sep 10, 2012
@corey if you take all your info from top gear, then you should leave this app, immediately. Haha.
Hemmo Karja Sep 10, 2012
Corey, you do understand that Top Gear isnt the same thing as truth? Its listed as a comedy show too..
Corey Mullis Sep 10, 2012
this car is better than the 458 in every measurable way, dont you watch Top Gear silly? the ferrari may be more of a looker and shout more but this is a better car.
Paul Dickey Sep 10, 2012
This over 458 for me
Thibault Leroy Sep 10, 2012
i prefer the 458 but this is still a great car
Dylan Bruder Sep 10, 2012
I prefer this over the 458 too
Logan LeMonnier Sep 10, 2012
I think this looks better then the 458 honestly
Clay Williams Sep 10, 2012
What a gorgeous car, seems strange to give it a face lift right after releasing to the new convertible version.
Description: When we say facelift, in this case we mean it quite literally as the styling revisions may be limited only to the car's front end. Which is typically the angle from which a car is identified, any...
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Kie Morris Sep 10, 2012
The X - 1 is a terrible looking car but being customised to one persons tastes, the looks where always going to opinionated
Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa Sep 10, 2012
This isn't the facelifted model. It's the HS Limited edition.
Serge Pankratov Sep 10, 2012
Oh yeah! This one!
Jin Lee Sep 10, 2012
This might as well be the best facelift of all of them
Paul Pickard Sep 10, 2012
Looks great. Hard car to improve on but they did.
Andrew Hossann Sep 10, 2012
I definitely like this better. And those slats on the front fenders/hood are sweet
Dylan Bruder Sep 10, 2012
Angry looking would be a good rs gt3 model of some sort
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Sep 26, 2012
Why is it always retarded something... Personally, I love it.
Jt Collier Sep 10, 2012
I personally dig it
Hektor Yberg Sep 10, 2012
I agree. It looks like a retarded stingray
Matty Michaels Sep 10, 2012
It looks like a retarded fish
darrellbell24 Sep 11, 2012
this is not the new mp4......wasn't this that ugly a** 1 of car that they showed at Pebble Beach....yeah, idk why they thought this was it.....
Clay Williams Sep 10, 2012
You must have some gorgeous foreskin.
Chris Stig Dagher Sep 10, 2012
this thing is uglier then foreskin
Clay Williams Sep 10, 2012
I have seen the back and the covered wheels and I still like it.
John Serely Sep 10, 2012
I like this one bedt
Sergi Pérez Figueras Sep 10, 2012
Thats because you havent seen the back, and obviously it wont be the next mp4
Clay Williams Sep 10, 2012
I like this concept but it better not be the next mp4