Description: With every new Batman movie comes a new Batmobile, and while most consider the Dark Knight’s Tumbler the daddy of them all, the caped crusader’s ride in Tim Burton’s Batman flick from 1989 is undoubt...
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Ken Hwang Aug 25, 2014
agree v
Robert Nancy Earle Coppola Aug 25, 2014
The tumbler sucks idk people think that's the best it's a fucking tank. The. 1989 is the best batmobile period
adrian.s.wallace Aug 25, 2014
Was this made from a Lincoln
Joshua Stemetzki Aug 25, 2014
Tumbler vs. the original 60s one
Description: It’s not something you get to see every day, even in London.
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Mohamed Hesham Fouad Aug 26, 2014
It reminded me with my batman car toy
Darius Gyr Aug 25, 2014
@1:39 "Shmee I love your videos!!!!!"
Rashid AlGhafli Aug 28, 2014
I dont know but I dont think its the real batmobile, its just a replica! Looks so real though!
Ken Vaughn Aug 25, 2014
Holy wheel gap Batman!
Joshua Stemetzki Aug 25, 2014
V lol
Ishan Dogra Aug 25, 2014
Those neons
johan.travon Aug 25, 2014
it's not spitting flames. i don't like it.