Posted on: Dec 15, 2013
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Fast and Furious 7 Script to be Rewritten; No Place for Justin Bieber

Chillax F&F fans, the Biebs will have no role to play in the next Fast and Furious.
It's fair to say there wasn't unanimous support for Justin Bieber playing a role in the Fast & Furious 7. That rumor originally emanated from Ludacris who said the Biebs loved the movies so much, he was trying to get a part in the next one. The Hollywood Rerporter is now claiming the man that wrote the original script, Chris Morgan, has been tasked with rewritting the plot for F&F 7, in order to both salvage a film Universal Pictures has already poured $150 million into, and to give Paul Walker a decent sendoff.

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About half of Walker's scenes had been shot at the time of his tragic death, and some of these could still be used. It's a highly sensitive and highly charged situation for fans of the franchise, so the fact a source with ears to the ground at Universal has now categorically refuted the Bieber rumor will be welcome news. There's no word on how Walker's character, Brian O'Connor, will exit the movie, but once the rewrites are signed off, filming could restart as early as January. When that happens Bieber, gracefully, will be nowhere near the action.

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by Adam Lynton
Fast and Furious 7 Script to be Rewritten; No Place for Justin Bieber
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