KTM X-Bow GT Gets Some Glass

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Motorbike company's four-wheeled track car gets a nod towards practicality with a proper windshield and side glass.
The KTM X-Bow is about as extreme as four-wheeled transportation comes. Sure, it has no roof, but neither do some other roadsters on the market. But the X-Bow (pronounced as “crossbow”, FYI) doesn’t even have a windshield. That bit has been remedied in time for Geneva, though. While the standard X-Bow will still be offered in its unadulterated form, the Austrian motorbike manufacturer is coming to the Swiss expo with a modified version called the X-Bow GT.
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While the GT version still doesn’t have a roof, it does add a proper windscreen and side windows, which would make using the track car relatively more realistic for longer treks and in more adverse weather conditions without requiring a full-face helmet. Technical details have yet to be released, but we hear it will use the more powerful version of the 2.0-liter turbo four sourced from Audi for the X-Bow R (where it makes 300 horsepower), but slightly de-tuned to 285 horsepower. Heated glass and a single central wiper and washer are expected to come as optional.

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