Posted on: Jun 17, 2013
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Now That's One Crapload of Mazda MX5s

This massive parade of MX-5s is a Guinness World Record.
People love the Mazda MX-5, just love it. It’s the best-selling two-seat sports car of all time, and gatherings of MX-5s boast some impressive numbers. Once such recent get-together in Lelystad, Netherlands, featured a very impressive number made official by representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records who were on hand to name it the longest procession of Mazda vehicles ever. The 683 MX-5s beat the old record of 459 MX-5s from 2010 in Essen, Germany.

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The parade was led by a third-gen racing model of the MX-5, driven by Dutch TV personality and former racing driver Allard Kalff. Riding shotgun was the president and CEO of Mazda Europe, Jeff Guyton. Several other special Mazdas were also on hand, as well as some Mazda engineers who mingled with the crowd gathering feedback on various aspects of the car. It is events like this that will contribute to the continued popularity of the MX-5, and we can be fairly certain future attempts will be made to break this record.


by Jacob Joseph
Now That's One Crapload of Mazda MX5s
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