Posted on: Jun 28, 2013
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To the Pagani Zonda, With Love

One man had a boyhood dream to build supercars. The Pagani Zonda is the result of this passion.
It was the dream of Horacio Pagani for years, beginning all the way back to when he was a child. After learning the ropes for several years at Lamborghini, this supercar obsessed Argentinian with a passion for lightweight carbon fiber technology set off in 1992 to start his own company. And by 1999, his first masterpiece debuted. The Zonda, with its AMG-build V12 engine, heavy dosage of carbon fiber, and immaculate attention to detail, was to change the face of the supercar world forever. We will never get enough of it.

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by Jay Traugott
To the Pagani Zonda, With Love

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