Posted on: Jun 07, 2013
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House Built Surrounding Owner's Porsche 911

What's the point in owning a Porsche if you have to hide it in your closed garage?
When designing a house, architects typically try to hide the garage in the basement or around the back. Car collectors aim to showcase their collections in display garages, which in some cases aren't even on site (like Jay Leno's garage, for example). But this Japanese enthusiast had his house built around his beloved Porsche. The pristine silver 993-generation Turbo (if we're identifying it right) parks at ground level that can be seen through a window from the lounge behind it.

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Glass-block ceilings and open stairways also allow it to be seen from the floors above, too.In keeping with Japanese aesthetic style and in order to resist earthquakes, the steel-frame house ends up looking simple enough, and puts the Porsche on display for the owner and guests to see wherever they are in the house.