Posted on: Jun 08, 2013
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Three-Gens of BMW X5 Go Head to Tail

The X5 gave birth to BMW’s line of SAVs. We still call it an SUV.
Building hype of the third-gen X5 revealed just last week, the boys from Bavaria have put up this corny production of all three generations of the luxury SUV. The E53-gen was the first to wear the X5 moniker in 1999, kick-starting BMW’s self-named Sports Activity Vehicles, followed by the E70 in 2006 and the F15 X5 that will hit showrooms later this year. The video, entitled “A Work of Progress”, demonstrates the style evolution the X5 has gone through over the past decade, from a cool 4x4 to soccer mom's must-have accessory.
As the Supersize Me generation of drivers have grown, so too has the X5, while the most notable style change is the kidney grille connecting with the headlamps. The interior, according to the presenter, is also as luxurious as a 7 Series. As long as there’s room to hold my Big Gulp, who cares.

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by Adam Lynton
Three-Gens of BMW X5 Go Head to Tail
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