Posted on: Jul 02, 2013
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New Presidential Limo is Coming

Even US presidents require a new car at some point.
Although no specific launch date has been announced, a new report is indicating the US government is looking to replace the current presidential armored limousine, nicknamed "The Beast." Since 1993, the commander-in-chief’s ride was a Cadillac, and before that a Lincoln. Going even further back in time, the very first presidential limo was a 1939 Lincoln. In 1972, the famous limo was supplied by Chrysler. Now, the Secret Service is seeking a presidential limo that meets all of its strict specifications.

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More than likely, "The Beast" will be officially retired once the new car is ready. The big question, however, is whether Cadillac will be rewarded the presidential limo contract again or whether Lincoln will jump into the competition. Chrysler has already made clear it’s not interested in pursuing this project, but Cadillac and Lincoln may find themselves in competition for the contract. It won’t be an easy car to build as it’ll require extensive prototype testing and even live fire exercises. Our guess is that Cadillac will once again provide the next presidential limo, but we wouldn’t rule Lincoln out entirely. This is a big honor, after all.


by Jay Traugott
New Presidential Limo is Coming

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