Posted on: Jul 03, 2013
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Farah Drives 850HP Weistec E63

Matt Farah takes another beastly Benz for a drive, this time leaving plenty of tread marks around Orange County.
From frugal cruiser to monstrous luxury car, there are many sides to the Mercedes E-Class. But it’s the most extreme iteration that interests the sensitive Matt Farah who, in the latest episode of Tuned for the Drive channel, takes a E63 AMG tuned to 850-hp by Weistec Engineering onto the empty toll roads of Orange County, California. Reminiscent of the time he took RENNtech’s 700-hp Mercedes CLS63 AMG for a spin in Florida, there's plenty of road time with the car.
Plus the tuner reveals what goes into the $16,000 package designed to crank an additional 300 horses from the E63.

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by Adam Lynton
Farah Drives 850HP Weistec E63

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