Posted on: Aug 09, 2013
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Clemson Students Design Mazda Deep Orange 3 Concept

The next generation of design and engineering students are already creating and building concept cars.
Interested in drawing cars for a living? Good at numbers? Then perhaps consider a career in automotive engineering. Forget lame ass accounting and become a car designer or engineer. That’s what these students did at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research. What you’re looking at is the Deep Orange 3 concept, a next-generation Mazda concept car that was conceived and engineered by a group of Clemson students.

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The concept’s body panels are the work of Frederick Naaman from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. The final product looks incredible. It has a unique hybrid powertrain that automatically chooses front -, rear-, or all-wheel drive.
There’s also a load-bearing structure based on innovative sheet-folding technology. It also has a 3+3 seating configuration, yet it looks like a sports car. The graduate-level design and engineering program is a regular partnership between the two schools along with Mazda. Going to school has probably never been more fun.

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by Jay Traugott
Clemson Students Design Mazda Deep Orange 3 Concept
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