Posted on: Aug 09, 2013
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Ford's Official Euro Tuner is Coming to the US

Turns out Ford and Mountune give a shit about US enthusiasts after all.
For years many US enthusiasts complained – and rightly so – that automaker and/or their official tuning partners were focusing all of their attention in the Euro market. In addition, many of the best and most affordable performance cars were only available to Old World buyers. The new Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST are proof that’s no longer the case. And to make life even better, Ford’s official aftermarket tuning partner, Mountune, has just announced that’ll soon set up shop in the New World as well.

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Mountune calls itself Ford’s "official tuning partner", and two great examples of its latest work are performance upgrade kits for the Focus ST and Fiesta ST. Each hot hatch received a significant horsepower boost. A few years ago, Mountune was also responsible for giving the Focus RS an output jump from 300 to 345 hp. Mountune will soon have a new setup in California where Ford owners can walk in the door and buy various high-performance parts and other racing accessories. Don’t live in California? No problem. Ford dealers will also stock these parts that will also come with a Ford Racing warranty.


by Jay Traugott
Ford's Official Euro Tuner is Coming to the US

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