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Founded in 2010, CarBuzz was the vision of a team of gearheads with a desire to share their passion for cars with the world. What resulted was the world's premier car-related news app available on both Android and iOS devices. As the app was joined by a website and its support base grew, with readers spanning all parts of the globe, including North America, the United Kingdom and Europe, Asia, and Australia, so too did the team of enthusiasts and writers dedicated to sourcing the best car content on the web.

We constantly keep track of the industry's latest happenings in the world of automakers, sports cars, muscle cars, supercars, trucks and SUVs, off-roading, and everything in between.

Features are posted daily focusing on automotive history and culture, comparing newly revealed vehicles, aftermarket tuners, and car buying tips. Our team of writers also prepare researched opinion pieces based on their extensive insider knowledge gained through years of experience.

More than this, our complete CarBuzz Buyer's Guide and BuzzScore rating system give you an in-depth look at every facet of every car available on the American market, allowing you to make an informed buying decision when the time comes to purchase a new vehicle.

We spend hours behind the steering wheels of every car, truck, and SUV available to provide you with detailed information and analysis, while our comprehensive reviews cover all aspects of how a new car drives and behaves, how reliable it is, and how safe it is for your family.

Search and compare cars against their direct rivals or any other model you might be interested in, to find out which is cheapest to run, the most powerful, the most practical, and the safest.

Whether you're a first-time buyer or a passionate gearhead, CarBuzz has you covered with relevant buying advice, comprehensive reviews, the hottest scoops, and the best car content on the web.

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