Belinda Anderson

Belinda Anderson

Senior Editor

Born to a family of Ford people, motoring enthusiasts, and mechanics, Belinda wouldn’t find her calling in the motor industry until after completing her postgraduate studies in the behavioral sciences. Majoring in English literature and creative writing, she was appointed at the University of Johannesburg to assist and tutor students in composition, writing, and research. She served as assistant and contributor to numerous academic journals, research articles, and published works, and started her own freelance writing company shortly thereafter.

With several years of experience writing for local motoring publications, Belinda joined the CarBuzz team as Senior Editor in mid-2019 after falling in love with the idea of merging her passions for both writing and cars. A lover of all things cars and an avid watcher of weekend motorsports, Belinda appreciates a broad spectrum of vehicles ranging from small daily drivers to the most opulent luxury machines. Her passion for everything automotive goes beyond just the daily commuter mentality, and Belinda can frequently be found flinging pint-sized hot hatches around traffic circles at breakneck speeds, or just simply cruising winding roads in luxury SUVs.

When not writing and editing, you’ll find Belinda soaking up knowledge of the automotive world, or fending off her colleagues on the go-kart track. An avid gamer, there’s not a vehicle she isn’t willing to drive, even if it does have a roof-mounted plasma cannon designed for blasting aliens.

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