Chase Bierenkoven

Chase Bierenkoven

Associate Editor

Chase Bierenkoven likes to joke that he came out of the womb holding a Hot Wheels. He's the only member of his family with a passion for cars, which his father helped foster with subscriptions to any autos magazine he could get his hands on. Later in life, Chase went on to pursue a career in the legal field, obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice from the Metropolitan State University of Denver. However, before heading off to law school, Chase decided to give his passion a chance and began covering the automotive industry as a freelance journalist. He hasn't looked back since and is now the Associate Editor for CarBuzz. Chase's daily duties at CarBuzz include writing automotive news and features and reviewing every car he can get his hands on.

When Chase isn't trying to weasel his way into the newest sports cars for a review, he enjoys spending time in a sports car of his own- his 2004 BMW M3. He's quick to point out the numerous pitfalls of old BMW ownership, but still maintains that the E46 BMW M3 is one of the best driver's cars ever made.

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