Morgan Carter

Morgan Carter

Associate Editor

An avid techie since he was old enough to turn on a computer, Morgan has been passionate about science and knowledge for over three decades. In that time, he has spent many a day behind the wheel or in the back seat of a wide variety of vehicles. From sedate commuters from Hyundai through to enormous luxury sedans like a BMW 7 Series or Mercedes-Benz S-Class, he knows what good value or opulent luxury are all about. And that’s not to mention the VW Jettas and Corvettes his family owned growing up.

Before taking up his studies, he took the time to travel and see a little of what the world had to offer. But his curiosity and the love of language fostered in him never dwindled, which is why he ultimately headed to university to study English literature and language theory. He completed a postgraduate degree and went on to assist students, both pre- and post-grad, with their studies, research, and papers.

The following few years were spent working as an editor, and part-time copywriter, for a variety of trade magazines covering topics from resource management to infrastructure, and even fleet management. However, it wasn’t until he went looking for something a little more exciting that he found his way into automotive journalism, where CarBuzz finally found a way to keep his ever-curious mind satiated. Now he spends his days surrounded by a team of passionate gearheads, eating, breathing, and sleeping cars, not to mention researching, driving, and writing about them.

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