Nikesh Kooverjee

Nikesh Kooverjee

Associate Editor

Nikesh got into the trade of motoring journalism in 2014 right out of university. Since then, he has contributed to both the world of archaic print and modern digital automotive content creation. It’s quite the deviation from the family-owned orthopedic shoe business that has been operating for 100 years.

When it comes to his taste in cars, things do get rather peculiar. You’d find it a true challenge to impress him with a Ferrari 488 Pista or McLaren 600LT but if you drive past in something like a Honda City Turbo II, you’ll probably see him running after you in your rearview mirror just seconds later. Being a financially frugal character though, he doesn’t have any desire to own any of his dream cars as hypothetical maintenance bills often keep him up at night.

His passion for cars stems deep with one of his favorite pastimes being hunting for die cast cars in your local grocery store. After that, you’ll see him online in your favorite racing games, doing his best to fight for a 10th position finish.

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