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A Car Lover's Compendium of Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking for advice about cars, from how to buy them to common car problems and solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Our car experts are constantly sifting through your questions and concerns about your vehicle, and have compiled comprehensive responses to ensure you get the answers you’re looking for. Our car blog aims to give you expert advice on a variety of topics, including negotiating tips when buying or selling a car, how to deal with a silver-tongued salesman (or saleswoman), and a comprehensive car maintenance guide or two on car storage, washing, detailing, and even insurance.

Our website is filled to the brim with information on the automotive industry, but this is where you go when you want answers to these more niche questions. Want to know about the must-have gadgets and car accessories to keep up with Joneses, or how to calculate your payment plan for that sweet number you’ve had your eye on? Then this is where you will find detailed car articles covering these, and many more topics.

One-stop Car Guide

This car advice blog is not just for beginners who are new to the scene and seeking expert advice. Avid car lovers, both men and women, will find plenty to learn from. Just a few of the interesting and exciting posts in this cars guide include:

  • Advice on buying and selling: Whether you’re unsure about buying a new or used car, or you need more information on what taxes are involved, our blogs offer tips for car buyers that will help you make the best purchasing decision. These articles also explain some of the most prevalent scams to look out for, which type of car will suit your needs best, and whether all those expensive add-on options are really worth it.
  • Basic mechanics and troubleshooting: From the most basic and common car problems to the more serious effects of overheating, our articles are there to help you understand what to do when things go wrong. Jump-starting your car, how to decipher warning lights, and how to change a tire are just some of these.
  • Safety: Keeping you and your passengers in one piece is priority, so our blogs touch on tips and tricks for safe driving, how to prevent theft, what to do after a car accident, and why it’s important to make use of baby seats for your little ones. We also explain how NHTSA and IIHS ratings work, and why some vehicles score better in crash tests than others.
  • Life hacks on dealing with the cold: For those who live in cold-weather states, our series on frozen car doors and locks, how to drive safely on icy roads, and what to do when your car gets stuck in snow are most helpful.
  • Understanding car finance and insurance policies: The broad topic of finance, leasing vs buying cash, car depreciation, taxes and incentives for certain electric vehicles, are all covered here. We also offer a comprehensive guide on the intricacies of sales tax, and how it differs by state.
  • News on the latest car fashion and tech trends: We cover all the latest gadgets, from head-up displays to dash cams, and even touch on what are the best gifts to get for the car lover. Everything you need to know about cool upgrades and accessories for the gearhead is listed right here, including a guide to building the ultimate garage.
  • A guide to driving: Not just for the new beginner (and tips and hacks for acing your driver’s license test), but also for the real enthusiasts who frequent the track - our blogs share suggestions on how to best prepare for track days, and how to get the most out of your ride.
  • Major mechanics: Starting with a series explaining the various engine configurations, drivetrains and transmissions, our blogs go one step further to explain various types of fuel, on-board safety systems, and how to keep track of your own maintenance.
  • Hybrids and EVs: With these types of cars becoming ever more popular, information on charging stations in public and at home are laid out for you here. We also look at emissions and which vehicles are the best for the environment. 

More than just a pinboard of car tips and tricks, this is a place to interact with the writers, ask questions, and give your two cents worth. Some of the benefits of following our blog posts include:

  • Expanding your knowledge base on your own car and basic mechanics that could help you out of a tight spot should your car break down
  • Avoid being scammed by sales or when you’re trying to sell your own car
  • Save time and money by having a guide to troubleshooting and basic DIY fixes on your car at home
  • Learn how to maintain the value of your vehicle
  • Get a heads up on the latest tech advancements and how they benefit you
  • Develop your own schedule for keeping your car in tip-top shape

Maybe you have a question that isn’t being addressed, or perhaps you’ve experienced the exact same problem and something we haven’t mentioned worked for you - get involved with like-minded gearheads in this online community and help make the motoring scene a great place for everyone involved.

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