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Ask any car enthusiast what their favorite car-related gift would be, and they'd probably, without any hesitation, name some very rare and exceedingly expensive dream car. While buying your loved-one their favorite car would be ideal, not all of us are millionaires, and when it's the thought that counts, there's plenty of affordable gifts out there for car lovers. Though the car fanatic in your life has likely already spent a lot of money on goodies for their car, there are still a lot of unique and useful gadgets out there that they could still need and appreciate. Below, we list just some of the best car accessories and automotive gifts for the gearhead in your life.

Gifts for Car Lovers

Car Driving Experiences

Whether it's for pure fun, for skill, or just for added accreditation, there are several types of driving experiences one could gift to a friend:

Advanced Driving Courses

Advanced driving courses are awesome for those who want to improve their general driving and defensive driving skills. They're good for beginners and experienced drivers alike and are aimed at honing skills that are important for one's own safety and that of other road users. Along with vehicle dynamics and safety features, hazard recognition, and space and speed management, the driver is also instructed on advanced driving techniques such as:

  • Emergency braking at high speed
  • Lane changing in both wet and dry surfaces
  • Steering control
  • Crash avoidance
  • Aquaplaning
  • Skid control
  • Defensive driving
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Car Driving Experiences

Off-road Driving Courses

If your friend owns a sport-utility vehicle and is really into his off-roading, then consider getting them a 4x4 driving course. These usually cover everything from 4x4 fundamentals to extensive recovery and off-road driving techniques. Some of the skills covered include driving through soft sand, mud, water, rivers, and driving over rocky terrain with ridges, ditches, slopes, and gradients. This course is especially ideal for those who shop within the luxury cars segment, so if they want to make the most out of taking their new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk off the beaten path, this course will show them how it's done.

Off-road Driving Courses

Supercar Driving Experiences

Hopping into a supercar is a dream for many of us, and those with a flair for the dramatic or a need for speed would love to burn rubber around a track, strapped into a McLaren GT, Lamborghini Huracan, or Ferrari F8. This is one gift for those who seek all-out adrenaline-inducing fun. Getting the opportunity to hoon a supercar around a specialized race track is an experience very few people get to enjoy. So while this would be a very expensive birthday present, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and one that will never be forgotten.

Driving Experiences
Participation in Races

Fun & Functional Car Accessories

There are loads of fun and functional gifts designed for people who drive a lot, and many are relatively cheap, too:

Dash Camera

Whether it's to record their passionate driving antics or to improve the safety and security of their car, a GoPro or standard dash-cam is an ideal gift for any car enthusiast. They're awesome for recording stints at the track, capturing cool videos for YouTube, or just to show off your wicked ride to your friends. Cams that provide 1080p video quality are particularly good. Many also come with handy functions such as seamless loop recording, which is ideal for those with limited memory, and park monitoring for when the car is left unmanned. Having one can be beneficial for insurance claims, too, especially in the case of a fender bender or serious accident. Read more about these in our Dash Cam blog post.

Phone Charger Adapter

While many of the newer cars do come installed with USB charging ports as standard (and some even have wireless charging installed already), many car lovers drive old-school or older vehicles that come only with a 12V port. In this case, it would definitely be handy to have a 12V to USB input adapter for phone charging capabilities. It's an affordable buy and one that anyone who spends plenty of time driving around would appreciate.

Heated Travel Mug/Mini Fridge

Is your friend an early riser, or just a coffee-lover who can't do without their morning fix? Consider getting them a heated travel mug to keep their hot drink heated throughout their morning commutes. If they're not that into hot drinks but could appreciate an ice-cold soda every now and again, then maybe a mini fridge could be the answer. They're great for keeping small food packages fresh and cooldrinks nice and cold, and are also perfect for road trips.

Mini Fridge Ford
Heated Travel Mug Ford

Branded Merchandise

Enthusiast fashion is a no-brainer; it's a guarantee that the true gearhead in your life already has some branded merchandise, so you may need to find out what they do have and would still best giftlike. Sunglasses are apt gifts for drivers in general, they're stylish and practical as they block out glare. There are also caps, jackets, shirts, shoes, and even special driving gloves, the latter of which are usually professional in nature. If you're looking to get your friend some merchandise, just be sure to find out what their favorite brand is.

Branded Merchandise

Personalized Items

Personalized items are great for those who form personal bonds with their cars. One particularly unique idea is to get a model car replica of the person's actual car. If it isn't available or just out of your budget, then you can consider just about any collectible model cars or toys. A car photoshoot would also be a really great personalized gift, and a framed photo or canvas print would do well, too.

Gift Ideas for Car Guys

If none of the things listed above seem fitting, here are just a few other gifts aimed at men who like cars:

  • Speedometer cufflinks
  • Comfy driving shoes
  • Good automotive tools
  • Racing video games
  • Tools and electronics
Car Tool
Tuning Steering Wheel
Tuning Parts

Gift Ideas for Car Girls

Here are just a few car gift ideas for her:

  • Car-related or travel books
  • Cute bumper stickers
  • Luggage and accessories
  • Car care package

There are loads of car-related gifts for car guys and gals, so while you may not know exactly what is on their actual wishlist, a thoughtful gift that reminds your gearhead loved-one of their favorite car, or is eminently practical, will still be the best gift for a car lover.


What tools would make good a good gift for a gearhead?

Obviously the best tools to gift someone, are those that they will use. For the mechanic or avid tinkerer, you will need to ensure you are getting high-quality tools that will suit their interest while being useful. Have a look at our post on how to set up the perfect garage for a few ideas on what you can gift someone who is interested in a well-equipped man cave.

What kind of books are there for car lovers?

If your loved one is an avid reader, there are numerous excellent biographies, historical reads, and instructional books pertaining to cars, motorsports, and all things automotive. Find out what brand of car your friend or family member is particularly interested in and see if there are any "Complete Guides To" on that specific model. Another great idea is a subscription to a local motoring magazine.

Car Care products - yes or no?

Products designed to clean, protect, and enhance the looks of your car will always be appreciated by the car lover who takes pride in their vehicle. Make sure to buy good quality products that include car shampoo, polish, or wax. You may even consider a ceramic coating to help keep their car in pristine condition.

What gifts should you avoid?

The old saying goes that it's the thought that counts, right? Ideally, this would trump any potential 'bad gift' as any gift given with good intentions should be well received. That being said, spending a great deal of money on a gift that isn't useable or appreciated will also be a waste. So, make sure you know your friend or family member well enough to know what they want, or need, before simply clicking 'add to cart'. Additionally, do your research on the item/s you've selected, check reviews and complaints to make sure it's good quality, and keep the receipt in case you need to switch it out.

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