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While they may be largely dependable and go for many miles without any issues, cars inevitably run into some problems. These can be mildly annoying or actually life-threatening if left unchecked, but in the case of a car turn signal blinking fast, you don't have to dive out and roll for cover. Here is a quick rundown of what it means if the light for your car turn signal is blinking fast and how to fix it.

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Causes Of a Turning Signal Not Blinking Or Flashing Too Fast

Generally, when you flip the indicator stalk to engage your turn signals, you see a consistent blinking from the indicator lights on your dashboard cluster, and you'll hear an audible confirmation that the indicators are flashing. Sometimes the audible warning will be much more rapid, and the flashers will blink much faster. This usually means something is wrong, and in some cases, one of your other lights may have stopped working while the flash of the functional bulb seems to have doubled.

  • There are a few possible reasons for this, mainly concerning the electrical circuit for the signal lights and potentially faulty connections. While the problem could be with the turn signal flasher itself, a rapid flash could signal a wiring or relay issue. Here are some options to check for faults:
  • Check the bulbs: Check the rapidly-flashing bulb in case it is loose in the fitting - make sure it is secure and try the indicators again. Be sure not to touch the glass with ur fingers, as residual oil could cause it to explode when heated. Check that all filaments are in good condition across all exterior lights.
  • Check for a bad grounding connection: The wires connecting the various components in the circuit can wear out just like anything else. They could be affected by rust or the connections could break from friction or overheating. You can use a test light or multimeter at different points to check that electricity is flowing properly, or have a professional examine the connectors, harness, housing, and sockets.
  • Check the voltage: While you are checking the condition of the wiring, it would make sense to check there is a sufficient voltage supply. Naturally, any electrical components need a certain amount of power to work, and if they aren't getting enough, there will be problems.
  • Check the turn signal relay: This device actually controls how fast your indicators flash and is configured for your car by the manufacturer. If it's been replaced with a part that's not quite compatible, this may change the speed of your indicator flashing. Furthermore, a malfunction here could result in the corresponding left or right turn signal blinking too fast, or even too slow.
  • Check for a turn signal fuse: A quick check of your car's fuses should indicate whether or not a fuse needs replacing. A bad fuse could be responsible for a fast-blinking indicator light, but remember that the fuse box on a Honda Civic won't be positioned in the same place as a Porsche 911, so make sure to check your owner's manual.
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How Do I Fix a Fast-Blinking Turn Signal?

Obviously, you want your left and right turning signals flashing correctly and at the right time. Luckily, there are various methods for how to fix a blinker light that doesn't work as it should.

If the problem is a burned-out bulb, changing it is usually easy:

  • Open the hood or trunk, depending on which light is giving trouble
  • Remove the build cover - this may require moving the battery or other components in front of it
  • Remove the blown bulb and replace it with the correct make and model
  • Be sure not to touch the glass part of the bulb when securing the new bulb

If the problem is an ungrounded or underpowered wire:

  • Remove the bulb from the socket
  • Test each of the prongs in the socket using a test light
  • Replacing faulty wiring yourself is possible, but it is a delicate process
  • It is best to leave it to a professional or else use an extensive guide

If the problem is the flasher relay:

  • Replacing this component is rather easy
  • Simply note the model and find a suitable replacement at any reputable auto repair shop
  • Different vehicles have different installation methods, so make sure you use a manual or guide for your make and model

If the problem is the turn signal fuse:

  • Simply buy a new one and replace it in the fuse box - your owner's manual should give you easy directions.

Another possible turn signal problem is hyper-flashing, which occurs when you upgrade to LED bulbs. Fixing this requires replacing the standard flasher relay with one suited for LED lights.

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Why is my turn signal blinking faster than normal?

If one of your indicators is blinking faster than it should, this is often because the corresponding flasher at the front or back is not working. This could be the result of a blown bulb, low power flow or an ungrounded wire, or even a blown fuse. Alternatively, there could be a problem with your flasher relay.

Is it illegal to drive with a fast flashing turn signal?

While it isn't illegal to do this in the US, as the roads authority allows for up to 120 flashes per minute, there could still be a legal issue. Fast flashing signals are usually the result of a blown bulb on the opposite end of the car, or one that isn't working for another reason. This will cause problems for you and other drivers if they cannot tell when you are planning to make a turn. Road rules also indicate that all lights need to be in good working condition.

How do you fix a fast blinking LED turn signal?

This is known as hyper-flashing and is of ten caused by installing LED bulbs on cars that weren't originally designed for them. Fixing the problem of a fast blinking LED turn signal is as easy as getting the correct flasher relay for the new bulbs.

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