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As the luxury car division of the Japanese automaker Honda, Acura specializes in the development of premium automobiles that share dependability ratings and daily drivability with their more budget cousins. While it does have an extensive SUV range, and a selection of 4-door sedan models, the top-performing Acura sports car, the NSX, is a beautiful and highly capable high-performance machine; it sits at the top of the list of fastest cars from Acura, engineered to take on the likes of Ferrari and Porsche. It’s no longer available brand-new, but it’s no less worthy of it’s hallowed reputation.

New Acura Sports Car Models and Price List

Model Power Engine Base Price
Acura Integra Type S 320 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas $51,800
Acura NSX 600 hp 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 Hybrid $169,500

Buying a New Acura Sports Car

While the iconic NSX isn’t for sale as a new model currently, the Integra Type S is also considered an Acura Sports car, though not on the same level. Whether you’re buying off the factory floor or as a used model, here are some things to consider before handing over your money:


  • Capable powertrains with impressive performance specs
  • Sporty yet comfortable on the road
  • Fun and poised handling dynamics
  • Bold and striking design
  • Interior brimming with modern features


  • Some rivals are quicker
  • Cabins are not the best in the segment in terms of luxury
  • May not be considered hardcore enough
  • High starting price

FAQs about Fast Acura Cars

How many Acura sports car models are there?

The list of Acura sports cars is short and contains only the NSX and Integra Type S, although the former is not available as brand-new anymore, and enthusiasts will have to settle for a used version.

Does the NSX come as a convertible?

No, the 2-door supercar is offered solely as a coupe with no roadster version in sight. In fact, Acura doesn’t offer any drop-top cars at present.

Are there other types of Acura sports car models?

Yes, there is the NSX GT3, which is a supercar dedicated to race car drivers only. It’s not a production car and can only be driven professionally on a track.

Do the Acura sports cars differ greatly in price?

The Integra Type S is the newest Acura Sports car, and it costs around $40k - $50k; it is a far sight cheaper than the NSX, which goes for upwards of $170k, these days.

How fast are Acura sports cars?

While the NSX is capable of going as fas as 191 mph, its 0-60 mph sprint time is around three seconds. The Integra Type S is said to manage the sprint in the mid-five-second range, but we’re not yet sure just how fast it can go in terms of top speed.

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