2019 Audi A4 Sedan Exterior and Dimensions

Audi A4 Sedan Exterior Design Rating

2019 A4 Sedan Exterior

The Audi A4 has never really pushed the boundaries of automotive design, and the same can be said for the 2019 A4 sedan. Flowing lines are met with sharp angles that give you the impression that this car means business. In typical calculated German style, the A4 doesn't shout at you, it asserts itself in a calm and steady voice. We'd call it handsome. For 2019, Audi has decided to accentuate the angular bits of the A4 thanks to an S-line appearance package that's standard across the range. It gives the A4 a more purposeful look that's not too in your face, but it has certainly tidied up the A4's business suit. Larger wheels, a redesigned grille, and angular bumpers round up the look for 2019.

2019 A4 Sedan Exterior Photos

2019 Audi A4 Sedan Front Angle View Audi
2019 Audi A4 Sedan Rear Angle View Audi
2019 Audi A4 Sedan Front Angle View 1 Audi


The Audi A4 has grown (along with the rest of the compact luxury sedan class) over the last quarter of a century, and the current B9 generation measures 186.1/79.6/56.2 inches length/width/height. You won't be able to drive up any curbs though as the ground clearance is a low five inches. It's age-old nemesis the BMW 3 Series measures 185.7/71.9/56.8 inches and rides slightly higher thanks to 6.5 inches of ground clearance. The A4 Sedan weighs 3,450 pounds in front-wheel-drive configuration. That figure grows to 3,627 for the all-wheel-drive Quattro. The rear-wheel-drive 2.0-liter turbo 3 Series weighs 3,589 pounds.

2019 Audi A4 Sedan Exterior Dimensions:

Audi A4 Sedan Trims2.0T Premium2.0T Premium Plus2.0T Prestige2.0T Titanium Premium2.0T Premium quattro2.0T Premium Plus quattro2.0T Prestige quattro
Max Width72.5 in.72.5 in.72.5 in.72.5 in.72.5 in.72.5 in.72.5 in.
Length186.1 in.186.1 in.186.1 in.186.1 in.186.1 in.186.1 in.186.1 in.
Height56.2 in.56.2 in.56.2 in.56.2 in.56.2 in.56.2 in.56.2 in.
Wheelbase111 in.111 in.111 in.111 in.111 in.111 in.111 in.

2019 Audi A4 Sedan Weight Information:

Audi A4 Sedan TrimsCurb Weight
2.0T Premium3,450 lbs.
2.0T Premium Plus3,450 lbs.
2.0T Prestige3,450 lbs.
2.0T Titanium Premium3,450 lbs.
2.0T Premium quattro3,627 lbs.
2.0T Premium Plus quattro3,627 lbs.
2.0T Prestige quattro3,627 lbs.

2019 Audi A4 Sedan Tires:

Front TireP245/40HR18
Rear TireP245/40HR18
Spare TireCompact

2019 Audi A4 Sedan Wheels:

Wheels TypeAluminum Wheels
Front Wheel Size18" x 8.5"
Rear Wheel Size18" x 8.5"

Exterior Colors

You can choose from a palette of ten colors when you buy your new A4. As is to be expected from the German automaker, the colors can be described as mature, but suit the 2019 A4's clean and precise lines. When you include the broader range of A4's including the S4 and Allroad, there are in fact 12 colors to choose from, and the A4 gets access to the majority of those. Choose from the likes of Brilliant Black, Ibis White, and Matador Red Metallic, while Daytona Gray Pearl is only available on Quattro models with the Black optic plus package.

  • Florett Silver Metallic +$595
  • Glacier White Metallic +$595
  • Mythos Black Metallic +$595
  • Manhattan Gray Metallic +$595
  • Matador Red Metallic +$595
  • Monsoon Gray Metallic +$595
  • Navarra Blue Metallic +$595
  • Daytona Gray Pearl Effect +$595
  • Brilliant Black
  • Ibis White

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