2022 Audi SQ8

Audi SQ8

2022 Audi SQ8 Review: Puts The Fine In Refinement

by Deiondre van der Merwe

The Audi SQ8 is what you buy when you want blistering performance wrapped up in an undeniably attractive and practical package. As the German automaker's biggest coupe-style SUV, it's also the most expensive but with the heavy price tag in the USA comes plenty of deluxe standard features and general opulence. The SQ8 faces some tough competitors that include the BMW X6 and the Porsche Cayenne GTS Coupe. Is it up to the challenge? Well, its 500-horsepower twin-turbocharged V8 is certainly something worth bragging about and the inside of this SUV is a lavish place that James Bond would enjoy spending time in. With its all-wheel-drive quattro system in place, the SQ8 is a surprisingly agile beast through the corners. And it has a big secret - while it may wear an Audi badge, much of what's under the surface is shared with the Lamborghini Urus.

2022 Audi SQ8 Changes: πŸš™What’s the difference vs the 2021 Audi SQ8?

For the 2022 model year, carbon-fiber interior trim is being added to all models, as are lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and rear side airbags - all of which were previously extra-cost options. There is a newly configured Executive package that contains items such as Matrix-design LED headlights, heated rear seats, extended leather trim, and ventilated front seats. Another new package is the Carbon Optic package that blacks out all the exterior trim and includes unique 22-inch alloy wheels, among other items. Red brake calipers can now be specified as a standalone option.

Pros and Cons

  • Strong engine
  • Impressive handling
  • Comfortable family hauler
  • Luxurious interior
  • Some wind noise makes it into the cabin
  • Its size is noticeable in the city
  • Numb steering feel

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2022 Audi SQ8 Trims

See trim levels and configurations:

Trim Engine Transmission Drivetrain Price (MSRP)
4.0T Premium Plus quattro
4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas
8-Speed Automatic
All-Wheel Drive
4.0T Prestige quattro
4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas
8-Speed Automatic
All-Wheel Drive

SQ8 Exterior

The SQ8's aggressive design characteristics give it a truly intimidating appearance. One of Audi's largest SUVs looks like pure German muscle, reflecting the raw power that lies beneath its snout. A pair of sharply-angled LED headlights flank either side of a large grille with intersecting chrome slats. The gorgeous rear end boasts a set of two taillights that are seamlessly joined together by a slim red band. The four chrome ovals that poke out of the bottom announce the SQ8's performance focus. As a demonstration of the SQ8's size, the standard 21-inch wheels don't actually look that large within the wheel wells. If need be, optional 22-inch wheels are available.

2022 Audi SQ8 Aft View Audi
2022 Audi SQ8 Side Angle Driving Audi
2022 Audi SQ8 Side View Audi
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The SQ8 boasts similar dimensions to its rivals from BMW and Porsche, although it is longer than both of them. The Audi measures 196.6 inches from snout to tail and has a 117.9-inch wheelbase. Without the mirrors, the width is measured at 78.5 inches. Both trims have a curb weight of 5,324 pounds, making them both slightly heavier than the comparable BMW X6.

  • Length 196.6 in
  • Wheelbase 117.9 in
  • Height 67.2 in
  • Max Width 78.5 in
  • Front Width 66.1 in
  • Rear Width 66.6 in
  • Curb Weight 5,280.0 lbs

Exterior Colors

The Audi SQ8 SUV is available in several colors, of which only one is standard. Carrara White is the only no-cost color, since last year's Night Black has been discontinued for the 2022 model year. The rest of the color palette costs $595 and kicks off with subtle and elegant metallic hues including Florett Silver, Glacier White, Vicuna Beige, and Daytona Gray Pearl. Galaxy Blue metallic and Navarra Blue metallic are also on the list along with Matador Red and a rather striking hue called Dragon Orange. Last year's Orca Black has been replaced by Mythos Black.

  • Glacier White Metallic
  • Florett Silver Metallic
  • Daytona Gray Pearl Effect
  • Navarra Blue Metallic
  • Mythos Black Metallic
  • Galaxy Blue Metallic
  • Dragon Orange Metallic
  • Vicuna Beige Metallic
  • Matador Red Metallic
  • Carrara White

SQ8 Performance

The SQ8's biggest bragging right is its potent V8 engine. The 500-horsepower power plant propels the SQ8 to sixty in around 4.3 seconds. This is extremely impressive for a vehicle of this size, but certain rivals manage the same run in less time. Both of the SQ8 models come standard with Audi's quattro all-wheel-drive system, giving them more grip off of the line. The top-tier X6 M50i manages the run from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. The Porsche Cayenne GTS Coupe also gets to sixty quicker than the SQ8, making the run in just 4.2 seconds. With all-season tires, the top speed is capped at 130 mph, but this rises to 155 mph with the available summer tires.

The SQ8 may be a few tenths of a second slower than its rivals in the US, but this isn't enough for it to truly fall behind. For those who frequently utilize trailers on holiday, the SQ8 is capable of towing up to an impressive 7,700 pounds, provided you spec the $750 Towing Package.

2022 Audi SQ8 Frontal Aspect Audi
2022 Audi SQ8 Driving Back View Audi
2022 Audi SQ8 Rim Audi

Engine and Transmission

Both trim levels in the new Audi SQ8 lineup host the same power plant. The Premium Plus and Prestige are both driven by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 TFSI engine that produces 500 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque. The motor is coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The eight-speed rows the gears effortlessly and manages to be both snappy and refined, a balance that is not easily achieved. Turbo lag is also barely noticeable, making the instant power that the SQ8 delivers a welcome advantage. There's also the added benefit of the satisfying growl that makes its way out of the quad-exhaust openings.

The SQ8's power outputs are superior to those of the Porsche Cayenne GTS Coupe and lesser BMW X6 derivatives. The former hosts a twin-turbo V8, but outputs are slightly lower at 453 horsepower and 457 lb-ft. For the BMW, however, there's an available M50i, which uses a 4.4-liter V8 to dole out a superior 523 horsepower, but less torque at 553 lb-ft of torque.

  • Engine
    4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas
  • Transmission
    8-Speed Automatic
  • Drivetrain

Handling and Driving Impressions

The reason most people opt for go-fast SUVs is either that they need the extra space or because they value the extra comfort and don't want to sacrifice the thrilling performance that makes sunset drives so entertaining. Luckily, the SQ8 is equally adept at offering plushness as it is at inciting excitement in its pilot.

Adaptive air suspension does extremely well at soaking up the bumps on uneven surfaces, especially when you flip it into Comfort mode. Using Dynamic mode means that you'll be able to push the Audi a little more than you would expect in a vehicle of this size. The SUV does extremely well at providing a pleasurable commute around town, but it's at its best on the open road. With plenty of power on tap, the SQ8 will oblige whether you ask it for short bursts of power or if you need some extra punch at higher speeds. It's also a great companion for a twisty road thanks to its firm suspension that can be made even better by the addition of a sport rear differential and active roll bars.

2022 SQ8 Gas Mileage

In terms of fuel economy, the SQ8 consumes about as much gas as you'd expect from a heavy and powerful performance SUV. The big Audi returns EPA estimates of 15/21/17 mpg. This means that it's on par with the Porsche Cayenne GTS Coupe that returns extremely similar gas mileage figures of 15/19/17 mpg. The BMW X6 M50i is the most economical of the bunch, returning EPA estimates of 16/22/18 mpg. When the SQ8's 22.5-gallon fuel tank is at full capacity, it allows for around 382 miles of range before a stop at the gas station is necessary.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity
    22.5 Gallons
  • Fuel Economy
    City/Hwy: 15/21 mpg
* 2022 Audi SQ8 Prestige 4.0 TFSI quattro

SQ8 SUV Interior

The SQ8's interior blends plenty of technology together and displays it beautifully. It adds a whole lot to the standard features list in comparison to the regular Q8 and the materials used are of a more premium feel. The dual-screen infotainment setup takes some getting used to but once you've grasped it, it's a boon. As for comfort, the gift keeps on giving. Expect multi-way adjustable front seating with heating as well as the best leather the German automaker has to offer. Overall, the SQ8's interior is impressive. The only fault it has is that you'll want to spend as much time as you can inside of it which may result in late arrival at those important meetings.

2022 Audi SQ8 Interior Overview Audi
2022 Audi SQ8 Steering Wheel Design Audi
2022 Audi SQ8 Start/Stop Button Audi
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Seating and Interior Space

One would expect that slanted roofline to encroach on interior space, but the SQ8 uses the space it has extremely well. The extra space offering is achieved by the subtle lowering of the rear seats that allow for some extra headroom for rear occupants. The front offers a whole lot of space for front passengers to take advantage of, but passengers in the rear will enjoy plenty of room to stretch their legs out as well. Both trim levels come with heated front seats, as well as power lumbar support. The Prestige has standard front seat ventilation too.

  • Seating capacity
  • Front Leg Room 41.6 in
  • Front Head Room 37.1 in
  • Rear Leg Room 40.2 in
  • Rear Head Room 38.1 in

Interior Colors and Materials

As expected, the SQ8 is laden with only the most premium materials. The base trim - if you can call it that - comes with Valcona leather upholstery as standard. These perforated and diamond-stitched seats can be had in Arras Red with Rock Gray stitching, Black with Rock Gray stitching, or Rotor Gray with Rock Gray stitching. The soft-touch materials make it an ultra-luxurious environment as well, with both models sporting a leather upper dashboard and the Prestige boasting an extended leather package. Adding to the decadent feel are inlays in Carbon Vector, with high-gloss Gray Oak wood a no-cost option.

SQ8 Trunk and Cargo Space

A testament to its practicality, the Audi SQ8 offers 30.5 cubes behind the second row. This is considerably more than the Cayenne GTS Coupe's 21.1 cubes, making it the more practical of the two. It's also got a bigger trunk in comparison to the X6 that offers around 27.4 cubic feet. The rear of the SQ8 will accommodate a small family's holiday luggage with ease and this makes it the perfect mode of transportation for those who regularly head to the airport for leisure travel. If you need to accommodate larger items, the second row folds flat to allow for a total of 60.7 cubes.

In-cabin storage is not especially generous for a vehicle of this size, but you do get large door pockets and a bin in the center console. As usual, there are dual cupholders alongside the shift lever, along with two more integrated into the fold-down center rear armrest.

2022 Audi SQ8 Rear Passenger Seats Audi
2022 Audi SQ8 Cargo Room Audi
2022 Audi SQ8 Maximum Cargo Space Audi

SQ8 Infotainment and Features


Audi was very generous with the standard features on the base model in the Audi SQ8 lineup. A power tailgate, four-zone climate control, and a tilt and telescopic multifunction steering wheel are included at entry-level along with ambient LED interior lighting and multi-way power-adjustable front seats with heating. The safety features include Audi pre-sense front, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, and a top-view camera. Audi side assist with rear cross-traffic assist round off the list for the base model. The Prestige adds extended leather bits along with ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, and extra safety gear in the form of traffic-sign recognition and a head-up display.


The tech setup in the SQ8 models is excellent. It's simply laid out and boasts all the necessary features that you could want from a modern SUV. The dual-screen system is made up of a 10.1-inch upper screen that can be operated via touch or the use of a physical dial in the center console. Audi's Virtual Cockpit is also standard on both models and uses a 12.3-inch display, while below the center touchscreen, there is yet another 8.6-inch touchscreen. There are a ton of haptic surfaces throughout the cabin that allow for the accurate control of the infotainment system. That said, there are times when one wishes for a simple physical button when accessing certain features on the move. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are enabled by the 10.1-inch screen along with a Google Maps navigation system, Bluetooth streaming, and HD Radio. A 17-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system is standard on both trims, but on the Prestige, an optional 23-speaker setup is available with a 1,920-watt kick for $5,000.

New Audi SQ8 SUV Problems and Reliability

The 2022 Audi SQ8 hasn't been recalled yet but the 2021 model was recalled twice - once for a seatbelt retractor lock that may malfunction and once for cracks that might form in the cylinder bores, with the possibility of an oil leak increasing the risk of a fire. If reliability is ever an issue, the SQ8 comes standard with a basic warranty for four years or 50,000 miles. The drivetrain warranty is also valid for the same time period and mileage limit. The corrosion warranty is valid for 12 years, while roadside assistance is standard for the same amount of time as the basic warranty.


  • Basic:
    4 Years \ 50,000 Miles
  • Drivetrain:
    4 Years \ 50,000 Miles
  • Corrosion:
    12 Years \ Unlimited Miles
  • Roadside Assistance:
    4 Years \ Unlimited Miles

SQ8 Safety

Neither the NHTSA or the IIHS have a complete review of the 2022 Audi SQ8 yet, although the SUV did manage to score four stars in the NHTSA's rollover test. However, the 2021 Audi Q8 on which the SQ8 is based received a Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS and a full five-star rating from the NHTSA, so if full testing of the SQ8 is conducted, we expect it to return favorable reviews compared to the competition.

US NHTSA crash test result

  • Rollover Rating

Key Safety Features

The SQ8 hosts an impressive amount of safety features, both traditional and modern. The former includes eight standard airbags, including rear side airbags that were optional last year. A tire-pressure monitoring system is also part of the suite, but has been upgraded to a more advanced direct-monitoring system this year. As for driver-assist tech, the SQ8 comes with Audi pre sense front, a top-view camera system, front/rear parking sensors, Audi side assist with rear cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keep assist. With the addition of the last two items on that list as standard equipment on this year's Premium Plus, the optional Driver Assistance Package on this model falls away. The Prestige additionally gets a head-up display and traffic-sign recognition.

Verdict: 🏁Is the 2022 Audi SQ8 a Good SUV?

The SQ8 is a brilliant go-fast SUV. It takes a lot to stand out in this segment, but the SQ8 manages to leave a lasting impression. For starters, it has a phenomenal twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 to brag about. The engine is hooked up to an excellent transmission and the whole driving experience can be altered via the various drive modes to suit your mood. This means that it's just as comfortable during daily errands as it is tackling a mountain pass. Beyond blistering performance figures, the interior of the SQ8 is a really nice place to be. It's spacious and deluxe which is everything most shoppers look for in this segment. The tech is also of a superior quality thanks to Audi's MMI software. There's also its good practicality thanks to the 30.5 cubes of trunk space available. Overall, the SQ8 is an excellent choice to consider in this category, but as always, we recommend a test drive to see if you really need the S, or whether a standard Q8 will suffice..

🚘What's the Price of the 2022 Audi SQ8?

The SQ8 may be an accomplished SUV, but that excellence comes at a price. The SQ8 has a base price of $92,500 for the Premium Plus, which is more expensive than the X6 M50i, but vastly more accessible than the Porsche Cayenne GTS Coupe with an MSRP of $111,700. The range-topping SQ8 Prestige has an asking price of $98,700. The price of the Audi SQ8 is exclusive of the $1,095 destination charge, along with tax, licensing, and registration costs.

2022 Audi SQ8 Models

The Audi SQ8 model lineup is made up of only two trims for the 2022 model year: Premium Plus and Prestige. Both trims use the exact same powertrain comprising a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine with 500 hp mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and driving all four wheels via Audi's quattro AWD system.

Standard equipment on the base Premium Plus spec include 21-inch alloy wheels, full-LED headlights, and a tailgate roof spoiler. Inside, multi-way electrically adjustable front seats with heating, leather upholstery, and an ambient LED lighting package are standard. The infotainment system has a 10.1-inch primary display above a smaller climate control touchscreen and the system incorporates Bluetooth streaming, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM, and HD Radio. Safety features include eight airbags, a top-view camera system, parking sensors front and rear, Audi side assist with rear cross-traffic alert, Audi pre sense front, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keep assist.

The top Prestige trim adds to these features Matrix-design LED headlights, an extended leather package, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, traffic-sign recognition, and a head-up display.

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Additional Packages

Audi makes a few packages available for the SQ8 lineup. Unsurprisingly, there aren't many given that the SUV is pretty loaded already as standard. The $2,900 Luxury Package adds a massage function to the front seats, an extended leather package, and a black Alcantara headlining. The $2,200 Black Optic Package adds 22-inch wheels, all-season tires and black exterior bits including roof rails and a black grille. On the Premium Plus, the $3,750 Executive package includes various items, including ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, extended leather, electric rear sunblinds, and Matrix-design LED headlights. The new $4,200 Carbon Optic package brings with it 22-inch alloys, blacked-out exterior trim, and carbon-fiber mirror caps, door inlays, and rear bumper trim. The Prestige offers a Sport Package that costs $5,900 and adds active roll stabilization, a sport rear differential, and red brake calipers.

πŸš—What Audi SQ8 Model Should I Buy?

The best model of the lineup is definitely the Prestige. The range-topping spec gets a few more standard features including a head-up display, an upgraded interior, and heated rear seats. It's the better option of the two even though it is more expensive. We'd opt for the Sport Package that costs $5,900 and adds active roll stabilization, a quattro sport rear differential and red brake calipers. That being said, if you can only stretch to the Premium Plus, it still feels like a premium high-performance SUV from behind the wheel.

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2022 Audi SQ8 Comparisons

Porsche Cayenne Coupe
CompetitorHorsepowerMPGPrice (MSRP)
Audi SQ8500 hp15/21 mpg$92,500
BMW X6 335 hp21/25 mpg$67,350
Porsche Cayenne Coupe 335 hp17/22 mpg$77,500

2022 Audi SQ8 vs BMW X6

The two German SUVs are closely related both in terms of pricing and power outputs. The BMW X6 M50i puts out slightly more horsepower but the Audi has the upper hand in terms of torque. The X6 M50i is the better performer in terms of fuel economy, although that is perhaps less important in a performance-oriented SUV. In terms of performance, both have a whole lot of power at their disposal and offer impressive handling. On the inside, both of the SUVs are swathed in premium leather and soft-touch materials. They offer vast amounts of comfort and luxury in their cabins, but the Audi's infotainment setup is slightly more modern thanks to the dual screens. Overall, the Audi edges out the BMW due to its spacious cabin, larger trunk, and gorgeous design.

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2022 Audi SQ8 vs Porsche Cayenne Coupe

The Porsche Cayenne GTS is vastly more expensive than the SQ8, but it's less powerful. Both rely on different versions of a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 with the Audi producing 500 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque and the Porsche pushing out 453 hp and 457 lb-ft. Both engines come hooked up to intuitive eight-speed automatic transmissions, but few SUVs can match the athletic capabilities of the Cayenne at high speeds. Both SUVs have superb interiors fashioned from only the highest-quality materials, although Audi offers more standard features such as heated front seats. Both are on par in terms of exterior design. The Audi has a larger trunk. Thanks to its lower price and more space, we'd go with the Audi.

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Audi SQ8 Popular Comparisons

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