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Although there’s a history stretching back decades, Automobili Pininfarina is technically a new automaker, having only been officially launched as a startup in 2018. But its roots go back to the early 1930s when Battista Farina founded an Italian car design firm and coachbuilder called Pininfarina SpA; for more than 90 years, the company built bodies for automakers like Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Cadillac, Lancia, and Rolls-Royce - and had a hand in designing around 200 Ferrari models.

Battista Farina’s dream was to see road-going cars with the Pininfarina logo on them, and in 2015, the multinational Indian corporation, Mahindra Group, acquired the company. Three years later, it was announced that Automobili Pininfarina would produce ultra-low-volume, zero-emission luxury hypercars. Partnering with the likes of Rimac Automobili for EV powertrains and battery tech, Automobili Pininfarina revealed their first electric hypercar, the 1,887-horsepower Battista, at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

List of Automobili Pininfarina Models and Prices

Produced in limited numbers, there are only two Pininfarina models planned for production at the time of writing. We hope to see the list expand in the near future:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Pininfarina B95 1,900 hp Electric TBC
Pininfarina Battista 1,900 hp Electric $2,200,000

What to Consider When Buying Pininfarina Electric Cars

If you’re fortunate enough to be in a position to wonder whether you should buy a Pininfarina or not, you’re unlikely to be swayed by mundane aspects like practicality and pricing. Still, here are the pros and cons:


  • Ultra-exclusive status as only a few hundred models will be made
  • Earth-shattering acceleration and high top speeds
  • Arresting yet beautiful hypercar looks
  • Almost 300 miles of range
  • Special edition models are even more unique


  • Only the truly well-heeled can afford them
  • Limited numbers produced


Where are Pininfarina car models built?

Automobili Pininfarina GmbH has its headquarters in Munich, Germany, but the design facility is in Turin, Italy. There are no production facilities in the USA for this ultra-exclusive automaker.

What do the latest models from the Pininfarina brand cost?

These are not your average sports cars or supercars; these are super exclusive EVs that break records and form part of collections for the rich and famous. Most recent information suggests that the Battista’s starting price is upward of €2 million.

Is the Automobili Pininfarina Battista the fastest EV hypercar?

With a 1.79-second sprint from 0-60 mph, the Battista’s benchmark sprint is quicker than the Rimac Nevera’s 1.85-second effort. But the Rimac Nevera has a higher top speed of 258 mph, which makes it the fastest electric production car in the world.

What is the Battista Edizione Nino Farina?

This special edition version of the Battista celebrates the first-ever F1 World Champion, Giuseppe Antonio ‘Nino’ Farina, and only five units will be produced wearing a commemorative livery. Each model comes with Nino Farina’s signature on the side wing.

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