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There are very few sport-utility vehicles out there that manage the perfect combination of exceptional performance, driver engagement, and masterful refinement, but a Bentley SUV manages this with added exclusivity that the brand is synonymous with. Beyond these attributes, all Bentley SUV models lay out a red carpet into an upscale and commodious cabin, too, which is filled with first-rate materials and technology. The price of a Bentley SUV may be extraordinarily high, but there are many who are eager to get behind the wheel of one of these super-luxurious cruisers, no matter how much they cost.

2021 Bentley SUV Range

Though there is only one nameplate, it is available in various iterations. But, while the selection of Bentley SUVs is small, each of the various powertrains offers a unique and well-rounded driving experience.

  • Bentayga V8: A 542-horsepower V8 engine powers all four wheels of the original luxury-cruiser. With 568 lb-ft at the ready, acceleration is instant and momentous off-the-line. Every car with this badge boasts a vast array of standard high-end specs and a premium, plush, and warm interior that is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind. It seats five in base form but is configurable as a 7-seater, or six-seater with second-row captain’s chairs. There are fewer trims than ever with the 2021 iteration of the Bentley SUV and little has changed since the badge’s debut in 2016. Regardless, the cruiser is still a premium, contemporary, and highly unique proposition.
  • Bentayga Speed: With a 626-hp W12 under the hood, chosen over a traditional V12 purely for its uniqueness, this purposed demon could charge from 0-60 mph in a blistering 3.8 seconds and to a top speed of up to 190 mph. That is truly impressive considering this beast’s monstrous dimensions and hefty curb weight. What’s also impressive is that those performance figures match it up competitively with its primary competitors all of which don’t quite meet its levels of stateliness and luxury. The automaker even boasts an All-Terrain specification that offers enhanced off-road capability atop all of the car’s other notable attributes.
  • Bentayga Hybrid: This was the British automaker’s first-ever plug-in hybrid electric vehicle launched in 2019 and is still the most affordable option in the range. At the helm, a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine is augmented with a 94 kW electric motor dialed to muster up outputs of 443 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. Power is ceded through an eight-speed automatic transmission to an all-wheel-drivetrain as standard. Though admired for its fun-to-drive nature and brand-derived splendor, this is simply not the flying-B genuine enthusiasts would want as a defector from the authentic, high-displacement, gas-only powered breeds.

New Bentley SUV Design

Aesthetic changes have been minimal over the automobile’s existence, as with its coupe and sedan counterparts, because its looks are quite iconic. The Bentayga has, in fact, become one of the more notable products from the manufacturer for its appearance and will likely maintain its classic styling for years to come.

Price of Bentley SUV Models

Model Power Engine Base Price
Bentley Bentayga 542 hp 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas $187,600
Bentley Bentayga Hybrid 443 hp 3.0L Turbo V6 Hybrid $160,000

What to Consider Before Buying

Before buying a new Bentley SUV visit CarBuzz’s review section on the website to get all the information you’d possibly need to make a good purchase decision. There are reviews on all new and recently used vehicles available in the USA and easy comparisons can be made of the choices you’re interested in. Below are just some of the general pros and cons associated with the British manufacturer’s ultra-luxury motors:


  • Powerful and refined powertrains
  • Apt performance and polished ride qualities
  • Affluent aesthetic and imposing size exudes exclusivity
  • Opulent, commodious, and high-grade cabins
  • Extensive customization potential


  • Excessively expensive
  • Way too posh for any off-road 4x4 trail
  • Relatively restrictive cargo space volumes


What fuel economy figures does the PHEV achieve?

The EPA records gas mileage estimates of 18/20/19 mpg city/highway/combined and 50 MPG on electrons alone.

Has any Bentley SUV undergone review for crashworthiness?

No, neither the 2020 or 2021 Bentley SUV has been evaluated for its crashworthiness. This is typically the case for the classification.

What is the maximum the V8 models can haul?

All variants have a competitive maximum towing capacity of 7,716 pounds.

What is the price of the ‘First Edition’?

The ‘First Edition’ is proffered at an MSRP of around $220k in the US. The 2020 Bentley ‘Design Icon’ SUV cost $203k, which is the trim it replaced.

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