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BMW convertibles are relatively easy to find in the USA, though the Bavarian automaker does not produce loads of them. While many of its existing coupes have simply been turned into drop-tops, there are certain models that aren’t available in this guise starting in 2021, like the 3 Series and 6 Series. If you want open-air driving, you’ll have the choice between performance-focused Bimmers and plush ones dedicated to ultimate comfort and style. As is with any automobile from the premium brand, these beauties cost a pretty penny to purchase.

Characteristics of BMW Hardtop Convertibles

There are quite few similarities shared between the BMW hardtop convertible models, though each differ in terms of their pricing:

  • Engines - You will not find a truly slow BMW in the US. Those that are not expressly intended for performance produce impressive figures. What’s better is that the modern BMW typically boasts excellent mpg figures when you compare them to rivals.
  • Colors - The extensive color palette that accompanies most products is nice to have, so if you do not want to opt for the typical white hue, there are rich blues and metallic reds to choose from.
  • Size - Most of the autos on this list have larger dimensions, especially the M8 and the 4 Series. There are smaller options, too, and these include the 2 Series and the Z4 Roadster.
  • Pricing - MSRP varies widely in this segment, with the 2 Series convertible starting at $42k, while the i8 Roadster sits at well over the $100k mark.

New BMW Convertible Models

There are under 10 BMW convertibles with hardtop to choose from, with each targeting a different type of consumer. Each spec has its own unique character:

  • 2 Series - The most affordable of BMW’s convertible variants, though we would not go as far as to say that $41,100 is particularly frugal. The peppy base motor punches out 248 hp, while the M240i punches out 335 hp.
  • 4 Series - Bigger and more luxurious than the entry-level offering with decent power to boot, this variant comes with the choice between two motors. One is great for fuel economy and the 320-hp version is better equipped to impress enthusiasts.
  • M4 - One of the few drop-tops that still boasts a manual gearbox, the turbocharged 3.0-liter in-line six in the M4 delivers 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. In manual guise, the run from 0-60 mph will take 4.1 seconds.

What to Consider Before Buying BMW Convertible Cars

With so many convertibles for sale currently, it is worth noting the reasons for and against purchasing these kinds of vehicles:


  • Deluxe interiors
  • Impressive outputs from powertrains
  • Sporty handling characteristics
  • Plush ride quality on higher specs


  • Average reliability ratings for some
  • Price of BMW convertibles can be high
  • Expensive additional packages


What are some of the best new BMW convertibles?

The 2 Series is a great choice for the daily drive, and is the cheapest option to boot. If you’re looking at performance, the M4 fares particularly well. But if you’re after a true little roadster, the Z4 is the clear winner.

Are used versions safe to look at in this segment?

Yes, for the most part. There is added risk because it is been owned before you, but low-mileage products are definitely worth considering. Just do not opt for any that are really old, even if they’re for sale at an attractive price.

Are there competing options worth having a look at?

Yes, there are. Products from Audi and Mercedes-Benz put up a strong fight against the Bavarian manufacturer’s efforts to reach the top.

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