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BMW electric cars are nowhere near as popular as their gas-fed counterparts in the USA. This is probably due to the fact that the automaker has so few of them to offer. While there are a number of hybrid sports cars, the only all-electric in the lineup is the compact i3. That being said, the company has announced its goal to put a greater focus on fully electrified products in the future. Several new concept cars have been planned, with release dates for 2021.

Among the upcoming BMW EVs is the iX3, which is essentially a greener version of the X3. Another BMW electric vehicle set to hit the production line in 2021 is the i4, which is a direct challenger for the Tesla Model 3. Much to the delight of old-school fans, it boasts a standard RWD system. The success of the company’s hybrid products creates hope for the further development of its electrified lineup. The 7 Series hybrid is a beloved luxury option within the segment as well.

While there may not be many specs available in this category, all-electric BMW cars are sure to kick up a storm in the very near future and earn some pretty good ratings.

Advice for Choosing BMW Electric Vehicles

Currently, the only version for sale in the US is the i3, but the i4 and iX3 are due to change that. For now, here are some of the characteristics that accompany these autos:

  • Pricing - Whether it is a hatchback or an SUV, prepare to pay a pretty penny. The price of BMW’s electric cars is high when you compare them to gas-only counterparts, so you need to make peace with the fact that it’ll cost you a lot. Expect an MSRP of above $50,000 for the iX3.
  • Size - The dimensions vary greatly, especially since each one is a different type of machine. We’re talking about a hatchback, a coupe, and an SUV, so the sizing is very different. Still, expect them to bear the same stylish design cues the brand is renowned for.
  • Power outputs - Currently, the i3 produces 168 horsepower, which leaves a bit to be desired. Luckily, the planned products are due to change that, though we do not know for sure whether the iX3 will make it to the US market.
  • Interior - While the inside of the i3 does not have the typical plushness associated with most machines from the German manufacturer, it is still funky and of premium quality. We would not be surprised to see the trend continue in the years to come, though the levels of opulence could stand to go up a bit. However, they are to be had in an interesting selection of colors, both inside and out.
  • Range - Expect improved efficiency, though the variant already delivers decent mileage on a full charge. They might not be on par with Tesla when it comes to MPGe, but they get the job done.

What to Consider Before Buying a BMW EV

The competition in this class is quite strong, so it is definitely worthwhile to think about the advantages and disadvantages of BMW EV cars:


  • Better for the environment
  • Impressive fuel economy
  • Federal tax credits
  • Premium cabins


  • Expensive to purchase
  • Underpowered engines
  • Can take a while to garner a full charge
  • Not as much driving range when compared to many competitors

BMW EV Car Models


  • i3


  • iX3
  • i4


Is the iX3 coming to the US?

Uncertain. So far, the launch of the SUV is exclusively limited to Europe and the automaker doesn’t intend on sending it here just yet. But it could reach US shores if there is enough demand.

Is the i3 a worthy choice?

Rivalry is rather tough, and when you look at what it offers for the money, there are many others to weigh it up against. A Tesla would be better in many ways, especially as the i3 suffers from long charging times, low all-electric mileage and a crashy ride.

Can I buy a used version?

It is an added risk in terms of reliability to acquire a second-hand car, but it is worth having a look at to save some extra cash, and with the added brand legacy from any Bimmer, you won’t be making any mistakes if you do your homework.

Check out some of our reviews and photos for extra insights.

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