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BMW electric cars are not as popular as their gas-fed and hybrid counterparts in the US, but they are no less impressive. So far, the German automaker only has a few models, but it covers the essentials with a reasonably priced sedan, a sportier model, and a practical SUV. This is just the beginning, as many more models are planned for the future.

List of BMW All-Electric Cars and Prices

This is a list of all the BMW electric cars currently for sale in the USA:

Model Power Engine Base Price
BMW i5 335 hp Electric $66,800
BMW i3 170 hp 0.65L Inline-2 Electric $44,450
BMW i4 Gran Coupe 335 hp Electric $52,000
BMW i7 449 hp Electric $105,700
BMW iX 516 hp Electric $87,100

What to Consider When Buying BMW EV

As electric cars grow in popularity, most automakers are expanding their lineups to include more body styles and a wider choice of models. This is especially true of luxury brands like BMW, whose last EV car was a bit of a disappointment. It definitely has something to prove now as competition heats up. Here are some of the qualities expressed by the latest additions to the range.


  • Excellent performance
  • Improved mileage and emissions standards
  • Federal tax credits
  • High quality and reliability ratings
  • Premium and stylish interiors


  • Can take a while to charge
  • Some handling missteps
  • Lack of visceral engine soundtrack


What are the best BMW electric vehicles?

You currently have a choice of two sedans and an SUV when looking to buy a BMW EV. The i4 is popular for its good mileage and reasonable asking price. It’s still very premium in quality and surprisingly quick. However, the electric version of the 7 Series, the i7, is far more powerful than its gas-powered variant, giving it almost sports car-like performance with 536 horsepower on tap. The iX is a practical SUV that offers a supremely comfortable ride along with competitive all-electric range.

What kind of mileage do BMW EVs get?

Models with higher performance specs might fall a bit behind in terms of fuel economy, but even they compare quite well to other segment leaders. The lightweight I4 is the best of the bunch, with 109/108/109 mpg-equivalent across the city/highway/combined cycles. It also has a decent range of 301 miles.

How long does it take to charge a BMW EV?

The smaller 93.9-kWh battery in the i4 takes a little over eight hours to charge on a 240-volt outlet or half an hour on a DC fast charger. With a larger 111.5-kWh battery, the iX takes an extra two hours to charge on a 240-volt outlet.

What is the price of new BMW electric cars?

Naturally, the of pricing BEV luxury cars is quite a bit higher than regular vehicles. However, the i4 is still accessible at around $50,000. The iX will cost you around $85,000, and the high-performance i7 asks for approximately $120k.

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