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BMW hatchbacks are about as common as white peacocks, and if you want to get your hands on one, the only BMW hatch for sale in the USA is the i3. The 2-door auto has diminutive dimensions and is powered by a fully electric motor. This means that you aren’t going to find a gas-fed or hybrid variant in this category. The i3 is definitely among BMW’s most unique autos. It costs more than the 2 Series Gran Coupe, yet produces around 168 horsepower compared to the 2 Series’ 228 hp.

BMW’s only hatchback model is also far less luxurious than more affordable offerings, and you could purchase a 3 Series sedan for around the same price. Still, the i3 has received plenty of good ratings despite its questionable pricing.

Advice for Choosing a BMW Hatchback Model

With only a single option in this segment from BMW, all of the aspects of the i3 must be noted before you take ownership:

  • Colors - As expected for one of the most unique Bimmers out there, the i3 doesn’t just come in your average black and white, but rather the choice between several bold metallic hues.
  • Dimensions - Most hatchbacks are slighter in size in comparison to their sedan or SUV counterparts, and this is especially true for the i3. BMW’s hatchback car seats a maximum of four occupants.
  • Interior - The cabins are modern enough, but nowhere near as premium as other variants with this MSRP. If deluxe interiors are a key concern, this might not do it for you.
  • Engines - With a single BMW hatchback available in the USA, shoppers are limited to a single engine. The electric motor in the i3 produces 168 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque, so it is not exactly an M3. The absence of any M-influence in this category leaves no attractive alternatives for sport-focused buyers.
  • Pricing - These vehicles do not come cheap in the USA, even when you’re looking at used variants for sale.

What to Consider Before Buying BMW Hatch

With so many hatch cars on the market, the limited offering from BMW has to work that much harder to leave a lasting impression:


  • MPGe figures are impressive
  • The exclusivity of a rare spec
  • Federal tax credits
  • New infotainment system
  • Quick charging time
  • Good reliability ratings


  • High cost for what you get
  • Driving range could be better
  • Not the best interior for a product at this price point
  • Very few specs to choose from

BMW Hatchback Price

With a single spec to speak of, pricing is a simple affair: the BMW i3 goes on sale for around $44k.


How do I save money in the purchasing process?

Always look at a used product with low mileage if that’s the route you are going to take. Pre-loved versions are often basically brand new but come at a significantly lower MSRP.

What are some other hatchbacks worth considering?

You can purchase a new Volkswagen Golf GTI for remarkably less money, and it is a better choice in almost every aspect. The same goes for the Hyundai Veloster N. If you still want to stick to electric, the Hyundai Ioniq EV is also an excellent choice.

How long does the all-electric hatch take to charge?

Falling behind all of its rivals, it takes around 6.5 hours to garner a full charge from a standard household outlet.

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