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BMW hybrids are special in that they carry the sporty yet suave flair, the capability attenuated by civility, and the X-factor synonymous with the German automaker, not to mention all the benefits of gas/electric technology, to boot. There are a lot of semi-EVs in the USA - sports cars, SUVs, and crossovers alike. So, if you are looking to step up in the world, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Common Specifications of BMW Plug-In Hybrids

  • Performance: Bimmers are typically known for their race-car-like aesthetics and the capability to deliver on that promise. They’re fast down a straight and apt at handling corners. They are also known for their composure around the bends. Comfort is not lost to that focus, though, and most feel adequately soft and pliant for everyday use.
  • Powertrain: Usually, a moderate- to high-displacement engine is utilized for optimal performance and reliability. High horsepower and torque-loaded engines are commonplace along with a six- to eight-ratio automatic transmission. A rear- or all-wheel-drive system is preferred by the automaker for the handling advantages they deliver.
  • Features: Specs are generally extensive, being that the brand is a sport/luxury marque. Though the cabin is predominantly driver-centric, passengers can expect to find a sizable infotainment touchscreen with a decent audio layout. The front seats will usually have power adjustability and temperature controls, while automated climate control and a whole lot of active and passive safety measures are standard.

Pricing of BMW Hybrid Models

Model Power Engine Base Price
BMW 3 Series Hybrid 288 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Hybrid $44,900
BMW 5 Series Hybrid 288 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Hybrid $57,600
BMW 7 Series Hybrid 389 hp 3.0L Turbo Inline-6 Hybrid $95,900
BMW i8 Coupe 369 hp 1.5L Turbo Inline-3 Plug-in Hybrid $147,500
BMW X3 Hybrid 180 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Hybrid $49,600
BMW X5 Hybrid 389 hp 3.0L Turbo Inline-6 Hybrid $65,700
BMW X6 Hybrid 400 hp 4.4L Turbo V8 Hybrid $88,900
BMW XM 664 hp 4.4L Twin-Turbo V8 Plug-in Hybrid $159,000
BMW i8 Roadster 369 hp 1.5L Turbo Inline-3 Plug-in Hybrid $163,300

What to Consider Before Buying

The decision to invest in such a car is one that requires some forethought, so below are some of the pros and cons we’ve pinpointed for you to peruse:


  • Coherent blend of gas and electric power
  • Master craftsmanship and premium quality
  • Sporty yet sophisticated exterior aesthetics
  • Lowered fuel consumption and emissions
  • A variety of hybrid BMW cars are offered


  • The entire selection is rather expensive
  • Packages and options cost a lot extra
  • Trunk capacity is regularly a compromise

Reviews of BMW Plug-In Hybrids

Before making your way to buy your new or used electric BMW hybrid, be sure to browse through CarBuzz’s extensive buyer’s guide where we evaluate every vehicle for sale on the US market. Here, you can see each car’s detailed BuzzScore index and compare different makes and models against one another. We include info on everything from looks, safety, and reliability to dimensions and color options. We have photos and videos, too.


What’s the most fuel-efficient BMW hybrid car?

Though the gas mileage details are yet to be released, information suggests that the X5 is the most economical bimmer. Otherwise, the i8 Coupe, with its EPA-derived estimates of 69 MPGe on combined driving cycles, is the current leader.

What is the best BMW plug-in hybrid?

According to CarBuzz, the X3 crossover is the best all-round hybridized vehicle from the automaker.

Is the 4 Series available as a hybrid?

No. However, a fully electrified version is in the works and is scheduled to debut in 2021.

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