2022 BMW Alpina XB7 Exterior and Dimensions

BMW Alpina XB7 Exterior Design Rating

2022 Alpina XB7 Exterior

We'll let you decide whether the X7 is a handsome vehicle or not, and as far as the XB7 goes, it gets 21-inch alloy wheels from Alpina's side, while the brand's iconic multi-spoke 23-inch wheels are optional. The 2022 Alpina XB7 has a unique front fascia with Alpina lettering lower down. The rear view isn't much more aggressive than that of the X7 M50i, but it does feature unique quad exhaust tips. This is usually an M design characteristic, but BMW probably let it slide because it's a subtle performance hint and not outrageously OTT. The aerodynamics have been specially considered by Alpina, so the big brute gets a purposefully designed front spoiler, rear apron, and diffuser. The XB7 also gets a standard three-part panoramic glass moonroof, and LED headlights and fog lights. Overall, Alpina adds to the appeal of the X7, but it's a bit like painting an elephant gold. It's still an X7 underneath, which is not an easy thing to hide.

2022 Alpina XB7 Exterior Photos

2022 BMW Alpina XB7 Forward View BMW
2022 BMW Alpina XB7 View Out Back BMW
2022 BMW Alpina XB7 Front-End View BMW


Alpina's XB7 is a big lump of a car, and the slab-sided styling doesn't do it any favors. The overall length is 203.3 inches. The width, including the side mirrors, is 87.3 inches, and it's 70.7 inches tall. Alpina lowered the XB7 to improve the center of gravity, but the ground clearance remains useful at 8.4 inches. The 122.2-inch wheelbase also means a lot of space inside, though the third row's placement above the rear wheels is worrying from a comfort point of view. The XB7's sheer size is reflected in the curb weight of 5,860 pounds.

2022 BMW Alpina XB7 Exterior Dimensions:

BMW Alpina XB7 TrimsAlpina XB7
Max Width78.7 in.
Length203.3 in.
Height70.7 in.
Wheelbase122.2 in.

2022 BMW Alpina XB7 Weight Information:

BMW Alpina XB7 TrimsCurb Weight
Alpina XB75,860 lbs.

2022 BMW Alpina XB7 Tires:

Front TireP285/45YR21
Rear TireP285/45YR21

2022 BMW Alpina XB7 Wheels:

Wheels TypeAluminum Wheels
Front Wheel Size21" x 9.5"
Rear Wheel Size21" x 9.5"

Exterior Colors

The exterior paint palette for the 2022 BMW Alpina XB7 takes itself rather seriously, with somber, sophisticated colors available. Some of these are shared between the standard X7 and the XB7 for 2022. No-cost options include Alpine White, Black Sapphire, Mineral White, Phytonic Blue, Arctic Grey, and Alpina Blue, with Manhattan Green being added to this list this year. The more exclusive colors cost $1,950, but you may have to wait up to ten weeks before taking delivery if you select these. Options include Tanzanite Blue II, Ametrin, and Dravit Grey. The latter is a lovely metallic green-grey, which is traditionally the best color option on Alpina-branded cars.

  • Dravit Grey Metallic, Priority 1 +$1,950
  • Tanzanite Blue II Metallic, Priority 1 +$1,950
  • Ametrin Metallic, Priority 1 +$1,950
  • ALPINA Green Metallic
  • Alpine White
  • Black Sapphire Metallic
  • Mineral White Metallic
  • Phytonic Blue Metallic
  • Arctic Grey Metallic
  • Manhattan Green Metallic
  • ALPINA Blue Metallic

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