2023 BMW M3 Sedan Exterior and Dimensions

BMW M3 Sedan Exterior Design Rating

2023 M3 Sedan Exterior

There have been countless arguments about the styling of the M3's front end, and we do find it frustrating that the M3 looks like a 4 Series, but those vertical kidney grilles are said to improve airflow and cooling. On the extremities of the front fascia are intake vents that cool the brakes and enhance downforce. LED headlights are standard and can be had with Laserlight tech or in Shadowline spec with darkened shrouds. M-specific mirror caps and a carbon fiber roof add aggression to the car, while a textured hood aims for the same effect. At the rear, a prominent diffuser houses four exhaust tips while the trunk features a subtle lip spoiler. 824M-style 18-inch wheels are fitted up front while 19s are at the back. Optionally available on the manual are the same 826M 19-/20-inch staggered alloys that are already standard on the Competition models. On the Comp models, the exhaust tips, mirror caps, trunk spoiler, and Competition badges are all finished in high gloss black. Carbon exterior accents are optional, as is a power sunroof, but you lose the carbon roof with this glass panel.

2023 M3 Sedan Exterior Photos

2023 BMW M3 Sedan Front View BMW 2023 BMW M3 Sedan Rear View BMW 2023 BMW M3 Sedan Front Angle View BMW
2023 BMW M3 Sedan Front View
2023 BMW M3 Sedan Rear View
2023 BMW M3 Sedan Front Angle View


Cars are swelling, and the new BMW M3 is not immune. To show this, here are the dimensions of the current G80 M3 with 2020's F80 M3's dimensions in brackets: length is now 189.1 inches (184.6), width is now 74.3 inches (73.9), height is now 56.4 inches for the RWD cars and 56.5 inches for the Competition xDrive (56.1), and the wheelbase is now 112.5 inches (110.7). Curb weight has also increased from a maximum of 3,653 pounds in the old car to 3,840 lbs in the new M3. The Comp model is heavier still by 50 lbs, and the AWD model adds another 100 lbs to that for a hefty 3,990 lbs.

2023 BMW M3 Sedan Exterior Dimensions:

BMW M3 Sedan TrimsSedanCompetition SedanCompetition xDrive Sedan
Max Width74.3 in.74.3 in.74.3 in.
Length189.1 in.189.1 in.189.1 in.
Height56.4 in.56.4 in.56.5 in.
Wheelbase112.5 in.112.5 in.112.5 in.

2023 BMW M3 Sedan Weight Information:

BMW M3 Sedan TrimsCurb Weight
Sedan3,840 lbs.
Competition Sedan3,890 lbs.
Competition xDrive Sedan3,990 lbs.

2023 BMW M3 Sedan Tires:

Front TireP275/40YR18
Rear TireP285/35YR19

2023 BMW M3 Sedan Wheels:

Wheels TypeAluminum Wheels
Front Wheel Size18" x 9.5"
Rear Wheel Size19" x 10.5"

Exterior Colors

Whether you get the Competition model or the regular version, just two colors are available at no charge: the polarizing Sao Paulo Yellow and BMW's traditional Alpine White. Also available are metallic finishes that set you back an additional $650: Black Sapphire, a favorite among those who've seen it in the sun, Portimao Blue, Toronto Red, the stunning Isle of Man Green, Brooklyn Grey, and Skyscraper Grey. Last year's Oxide Grey has been discontinued. Spend $1,950 and you can have Tanzanite Blue II, Dravit Grey, or Aventurin Red. Matte finishes cost even more - Frozen Brilliant White and Frozen Portimao Blue cost $3,600 each, as does the new-for-2023 Frozen Pure Grey II.

  • Black Sapphire Metallic +$650
  • Portimao Blue Metallic +$650
  • Toronto Red Metallic +$650
  • Isle of Man Green Metallic +$650
  • Brooklyn Grey Metallic +$650
  • Skyscraper Gray Metallic +$650
  • Individual Dravit Grey Metallic +$1,950
  • Tanzanite Blue II Metallic +$1,950
  • Aventurin Red Metallic +$1,950
  • Frozen Brilliant White Metallic +$3,600
  • Ind Frozen Pure Grey II Metallic +$3,600
  • Frozen Portimao Blue Metallic +$3,600
  • Alpine White
  • Sao Paulo Yellow

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