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2024 XM Exterior

The exterior of the BMW XM is its biggest talking point, and BMW continues to court controversy in a way that makes the big-grilled 4 Series look tame. The XM is all aggressive and sharp-edged, with a gaping illuminated kidney grille and aggressive front bumper with a Darth Vader-like maw that looks ready to Hoover up smaller cars as it bears down on them. Black wheel-arch flares and blacked-out exterior trim look menacing, and the lower diffuser insert of the rear bumper houses quad tailpipes stacked atop each other in pairs on either side. BMW logos feature in the two top corners of the rear window. The LED taillights are completely blacked out, and the LED headlights hide in slit-like slots. The standard alloy wheels on both are enormous 23-inch items, but various 22-inch options are available. The optional NightGold (XM) or Toronto Red (XM Label Red) exterior accents are garish and daring, and the XM looks best to us with the standard black detailing.

2024 XM Exterior Photos

2024 BMW XM Front View Driving BMW 2024 BMW XM Rear View Driving BMW 2024 BMW XM Front Angle View BMW
2024 BMW XM Front View Driving
2024 BMW XM Rear View Driving
2024 BMW XM Front Angle View


The dimensions of the BMW XM are substantial, and it's close to the three-row X7 in size, sitting on the same extended 122.2-inch wheelbase, although it's 2.4 inches shorter with a length of 201.2 inches. Its body width of 78.9 inches grows to 88 inches with the side mirrors included, and it's 69.1 inches in height. Ground clearance is 8.7 inches, but its most remarkable measurement is its curb weight of 6,094 pounds - over 400 lbs more than a Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid.

2024 BMW XM Exterior Dimensions:

BMW XM TrimsBaseLabel Red
Max Width78.9 in.78.9 in.
Length201.2 in.201.2 in.
Height69.1 in.69.1 in.
Wheelbase122.2 in.122.2 in.

2024 BMW XM Weight Information:

BMW XM TrimsCurb Weight
Base6,063 lbs.
Label Red6,063 lbs.

2024 BMW XM Tires:

Front TireP275/35YR23
Rear TireP315/30YR23

2024 BMW XM Wheels:

Wheels TypeAluminum Wheels
Front Wheel Size23" x 10"
Rear Wheel Size23" x 11"

Exterior Colors

There are 19 available exterior colors for the BMW XM, and nine of them are no-cost options, namely Sao Paulo Yellow, and eight metallics: Black Sapphire, Carbon Black, Dravit Grey, Dravit Grey, Mineral White, Toronto Red, Isle of Man Green, and Cape York Green. The other ten hues all cost $5,500 extra, and they are Melbourne Red, Urban Green, and eight metallics: Daytona Violet, Petrol Mica, Grigio Telesto, Sepia, Anglesey Green, Frozen Black, Ruby Black, and Frozen Tulum Blue. The Label Red has a reduced palette of ten colors, making only the standard XM's list of special extra-cost hues available but offering them all for free on this trim.

On the regular XM, NightGold metallic exterior trim is a no-cost option that outlines the glasshouse, grille, and rear diffuser in this contrasting color, with the accent color also optionally applied to the wheels. On the Label Red, this changes to Toronto Red, but to get red-accented wheels, you have to go down a size to 22s. NightGold-accented 23s are optional on the Label Red, but clash badly with the Toronto Red body accents. Play around on the configurator, because some paint colors don't go well with the optional exterior accenting at all. We'd leave the gold and red on the shelf and opt for black accenting.

  • Special Order Color, Priority 1. +$5,500
  • Individual Grigio Telesto Metallic, Priority 1. +$5,500
  • Individual Ruby Black Metallic, Priority 1. +$5,500
  • Individual Petrol Mica Metallic, Priority 1. +$5,500
  • Individual Urban Green, Priority 1. +$5,500
  • Individual Frozen Black Metallic, Priority 1. +$5,500
  • Individual Frozen Tulum Blue Metallic, Priority 1. +$5,500
  • Individual Melbourne Red Metallic, Priority 1. +$5,500
  • Individual Anglesey Green Metallic, Priority 1. +$5,500
  • Individual Daytona Violet Metallic, Priority 1. +$5,500
  • Individual Sepia Metallic, Priority 1. +$5,500
  • Brooklyn Grey Metallic
  • Sao Paulo Yellow
  • Carbon Black Metallic
  • Black Sapphire Metallic
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What is the best color for the BMW XM?

We think the XM looks smart in the subdued Cape York Green metallic. Sao Paulo Yellow certainly stands out, but it's very shouty. The Label Red looks best in Petrol Mica metallic with black accenting.

Does the BMW XM come with a sunroof?

No, the XM has no sunroof, but has a faux-suede headliner with a geometric pattern and fiber-optic lighting.

How many tailpipes does the BMW XM have?

The XM has four tailpipes, stacked atop each other in pairs on either side of the diffuser.

What size wheels does the BMW XM have?

The standard wheels are 23-inch M alloy wheels, but 22-inch designs are also available.

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